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  1. In a blink of an eye, the class 6 of the 28 -day training camp has ended

    It how to arrange some interactive topics in the group

    The small software of the two dogs can also exaggerate the conference, to talk about the conference, and there can be some fun activities.

    It yesterday to see Gege's spring activities, she felt particularly good. She organized a spring roll contest in Lichun, and Lan Lan's mother saw other life friends Yun Qingsheng. Yun Qingsheng's small celebration.

    The is about to pass the Spring Festival now. Liu Peng in our group has a few small ideas. I think it is particularly good. One is what he said. Starting today, it is from the 23rd year of the lunar month to the first day of the first month. I send a small picture in the group every day to introduce what activities have more than twenty lunar month. , Twenty -fourth -month -old sweeping house, etc., you can send posters with traditional Chinese characteristics. These activities are very interesting, and then can resonate with life friends.

    The younger year in the north. (In the past, it was the prince of the stove: pierced a horse in the evening, wipe the Kanton candy one by one sugar on the king of the stove, the grandmother of the stove king, and burn the king of the stove, send it into the pits of the stove, and read the mouth: the words of the sky are good, the words of the sky are good, The lower bound is safe. Wait for the 30th year of the stove to stick the new stove king). Don't forget to eat stove sugar!

    I misunderstood when I was a kid: Use the stove sugar to put the lord's mouth on the stove. Later, I understood: The stove sugar is very sticky (it can be ticked for a long time in the mouth in the sky for seven days.) It is sweet (let the king of the stove the lord's mouth sweet one by one) If you are on the top), you ca n’t even say good words; So let the king of the stove king's mouth sweet (God speaks good things one by one)

    The king of the stove (Zhang Kui in the Fengshen list) riding a horse, carrying a gun, Shang Xitian, seeing the Jade Emperor, see the Jade Emperor (Emperor Jade Emperor One by one) Heyong said more, Lai said nothing. (This is my childhood song when I was a kid.)

    The horses and guns during the sacrifice of the stove were tied with a high beam: The gun and the horse were burned together and sent to the stove pit.

    In February 5th will be the first anniversary of the Destiny Board, then we will also carry out the first anniversary of the fate of the fate. I hope to drive more new life friends to participate, affect life with life, and a family! The world of harmony!

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