What is the financial major of Shenzhen University?

What is the employment of deep financial graduate students in Shenzhen?

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  1. In the same situation, the employment rate of other social science majors is very good. Because Shenzhen's financial industry is in the leading position in China, not in Beijing and Shanghai, there are many financial professionals in need.

    The major graduation of Shenzhen finance, especially deep graduation, basically can work in financial -related industries. Compared with some management and marketing majors, financial majors can still learn realistic things. At least four years of study, you can produce a financial concept. Even if you do not engage in related industries in the future, you can also have a financial economic environment. There is a own analysis that helps you dominate your economic activities reasonably. However, if you want to work in large financial enterprises in large cities, the requirements for education and work experience are very high. It is best to graduate from graduate students in prestigious schools. It is recommended to learn English, accounting, and law during college, let alone this major. If you want to make financial management, you can read some books for behavioral finance and game theory if you have time. Try to internship as much as possible during the holidays.

    The Department of Finance of Shenzhen University

    . Professional introduction

    It is one of the four most drought majors in Guangdong Province, national characteristics, and Shenzhen University. At the beginning of the establishment of the school in 1983, the international financial undergraduate major was established.
    1999 was changed to Financial College in 1998; in 1998, the financial major was qualified for graduate enrollment; 2002 was rated as a provincial -level brand major in Guangdong Province, and it was Shenzhen University. The most drought -level prestigious major in the liberal arts majors, 2010
    is approved by the Ministry of Education as a national specialty.

    The teachers

    At present, the entire department has full -time teachers
    24, including 6 professors, 11 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 14 doctoral teachers There are 12 doctoral supervisors and master's qualification teachers. Most teachers have experience in studying, studying, communicating and visiting abroad; some teachers have a certain academic status and influence in the national financial fields and related fields in the national financial fields and relevant fields. , And have rich teaching experience, young and middle -aged teams.

    If professional development

    The financial major at the School of Economics has been a popular major in Shenzhen University since its establishment. Since 1987, about 3,200 financial students have graduated from Shenzhen and are active in Shenzhen. , Guangdong, nationwide, and even foreign commercial banks, securities investment, futures transactions, foreign exchange transactions and insurance areas have made positive contributions to the construction and development of Shenzhen's financial markets.

    The financial professional course settings, professional theoretical courses and professional practical courses are heavy, and at the same time match a certain proportion of internship courses and bilingual courses. There are many financial professional courses in bilingual teaching, and more financial professional bilingual courses are planned in the future. In the elective courses, set up system courses in the direction of financial taxation, financial financial management, and securities analysts. At the same time, banks, securities, futures, foreign exchange transactions and other internship bases were established in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places, and online internship platforms such as banking business, securities investment, foreign exchange transactions, and futures transactions were established.

    The financial department has a strong level of teaching and scientific research. Since 2003, many colleges and universities have compiled many textbooks "Finance" and "International Finance" and many other universities; more than 200 have been published in the number of academic papers; dozens of scientific research projects such as national, provincial and ministerial levels and horizontal education reforms; More than ten governments at or above the municipal level and national level awards.

    The work concept of the financial department: the discipline develops in the direction of micro, cross, and cutting -edge; cultivates students in the direction of competitive professional composite talents; Essence

    . Undergraduate education

    This target

    The professional training has modern economy and financial theory, professional business knowledge and skills, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, especially banks, Securities, insurance, investment, financing, settlement, wealth management tax and other aspects of business knowledge and practical skills, higher humanities and scientific quality, good innovation spirit, can be in various financial enterprises, institutions, company financial departments and government departments Combined specialized talents engaged in financial business and management, as well as financial education and scientific research.

    M main course

    The compulsory courses of finance including macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial accounting, finance, international trade, statistics, securities investment, international finance, international finance, international finance, international finance , Insurance, financial derivatives market, business banking operations and management, corporate financial management principles, international settlement, and financial engineering. Professional elective courses include 18 doors including securities investment funds, measurement economics, fixed income securities, risk management principles, investment banking business, financial product marketing and services, real estate finance, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan economy. Curriculum setting reflects the characteristics of professionalism, solidity, and cutting -edge.

    The grant degree

    Curagus degree (graduates of mathematics and financial class awarded the dual bachelor's degree in economics and science).

    The title


    The research direction


    The professor
    Guo Ping
    international finance, consumer economics

    The professor
    Wang Zhengping
    Finance (international finance, international investment)


    Xu Xiaoguang

    President professors
    Chen Lunyu
    S commercial banks, international finance

    R n Hou Fuqiang
    Economic law, international business law

    Placist professors
    Hu Dongmei
    exchange rate system, financial market theory and practice

    R n Jiang Min
    The monetary policy, commercial bank settlement business and securities investment

    Placist professors
    Liu Rongrong
    n Wang Peiyuan
    The theory and policy of macroeconomic and currency banks

    Placist professors
    Wang Yan
    Associate Professor
    Zheng Zunxin
    Financial engineering

    Placist professors
    Zhou Jihong
    investment and company financial management n
    Chen Ying Chen Ying
    A asset pricing, financial economics, company finance, behavior finance

    Guo Xin
    Financial science, bank accounting
    n lecturers n lecturers n lecturers n R N Liu Haoran
    Capital market and corporate governance

    Wang Keli n international finance, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan economy
    n lecturers
    Wang Yuan
    If international finance, securities market

    Zhai Weili
    Zheng Danqiu
    control economics

  2. Finance — majors with "money". N
    The financial major has been a popular major for candidates in recent years. Important reason. The major is also nicknamed the most "money" major.

    In the highest salary professional ranking, finance is undoubtedly the top of the list. Regardless of the salary data from which caliber statistics, the financial industry is at the forefront. With the gradual transformation of China's economy, the power of capital will become more and more prominent in the future. The financial industry people with long -sleeved dance will undoubtedly become an enviable high -paying class.

    In read finance, what to do in the future?
    In recent years of employment, graduates of financial major usually have these directions:
    1. Business banks, including four major banks such as Chinese industry and commerce, construction, and agricultural banks Joint -stock business banks, urban commercial banks, foreign banks in domestic branches;
    2. Insurance companies, insurance brokerage companies, such as China Life, Ping An, Pacific Insurance, etc.;
    . Management committee, securities industry supervision and management committee, insurance industry supervision and management committee;
    4. Financial holding group, four major asset management companies, financial leasing, guarantee companies;
    5. Securities companies, fund management companies including fund management companies ; Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Futures Stock Exchange;
    6. Trust -investment companies, financial investment holding companies, investment consulting consultants. Large enterprise finance companies; Finance, audit, customs department, etc.;
    8. Social Security Fund Management Center or Social Security Bureau;
    9. Some policy banks, such as State Development Bank, China Agricultural Development Bank, etc. The Securities Department and Finance Department of the Stock Co., Ltd. (or listing);
    11. Teachers of financial and financial professional teachers in colleges and universities, researchers of research institutions, publishing and communication institutions, etc.

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