How can you find a good job if you have no experience in Kashgar to find a work website?

Do friends use any class app to record the job search video, is it better than one or two thousand before?

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  1. Many people have such a personal experience. Once you think that something is impossible to take, then even if you do your best, the possibility of success is greatly reduced.

    The because you put on psychological shackles and rejected extraordinary efforts, you also rejected the miracle.

    The believe that you can do something, and in the direction that you are good at and suitable, although you may not be able to usher in a complete turnaround, the possibility of miracles greatly increases. "

    For those who have some inferiority in their hearts, inferiority is the biggest stumbling block in their lives.

    people cannot be very excellent in all aspects, more or less always always or less always or less. There will be some defects in some respects,

    even great men are no exception: Napoleon dwarf, Lincoln ugly, and Roosevelt children. Culture, personality, personality, etc., can be changed throughout the day.

    This defects that cannot be changed are not enough to become the source of painful inferiority? But they have a very brilliant and confident life!

    I I mentioned in a invited college speech that I was very important in my professional breakout. After the speech, a classmate asked me: "I am a fresh graduate, I am facing. It is a problem with most fresh graduates: the career value is almost zero, and there is no particularly prominent professional advantage. Every time I apply, I am worried that I will not be hired. I don't know what to use to increase my confidence? "

    I I understand his inner distress, but of course, fresh graduates cannot have rich work experience and work performance like the elderly in the workplace. Therefore, I suggest him:" You are a very rational person , So you understand that you lack self -confidence because your resume and personal workplace persuasion is not enough.其实这些信心问题可以通过定位来解决:rnrn信心和信念是完全不同的两个概念,这从字面的意识都可以看出来:信心重在“心”——心理状态、 Psychological feelings; belief is focusing on "thought" -the ideas and beliefs, and confidence to be enhanced into beliefs, which is the only way to make faith constant. As the ancient Roman poet Ovid said: "Faith! Those who have faith can stand any storm."

    "Caraire had a famous saying:" Does anyone have beliefs? Iron chain or any other external pressure. "The generation of faith and belief can only rely on the positioning and planning of yourself, find your own life coordinate axis, and avoid the positioning of the strengths and avoid your own Bole to have true self -confidence.

    Q: I did n’t find a job within half a year after graduating from the postgraduate post. It's not easy to find a job such as C and VC , but it is still everywhere. It is still not high. I know that I just graduate mainly because I can accumulate experience. I still can't find it. I have graduated for more than half a year. The recruitment of people on campus also wrote about the 2007 graduates. Participating in the social recruitment people say that at least one year of work experience is required. Resume, so far only two companies have notified me to write a written test. I participated in the Huawei interview. The written test is very easy. As long as it is C, I can answer well, but I have passed on 4 sides, but in the end, I told me that I did not pass because I did n’t have a work experience. Participate in a company interview again, and the person said at the beginning that I had no work experience (because I have compiled the work experience for half a year), but this time they want to have 2 to 3 years of work experience, and even when I finally leave I haven't seen the certificate, it must have no plays. I want to ask everyone, can I only die in this situation? How can I find a job? It is definitely not possible to make a work experience. Waste and waste. I hope to hear the effective suggestions of reality. Don't answer nonsense such as properly lowering yourself. I have said that as long as I can learn something, I am not picky. Of course, it must be software -related. A: I think you have a good quality now, and you have many advantages. What you lack is not experience, but confidence. Everyone will manager's first job, and not only you who do not have work experience. I believe everyone will go smoothly smoothly. At this time, I thought like you before joining the first job, but I found my own direction and knew what I should do, so I bravely took the first step. I think you should summarize yourself now The advantages, showing your own self -confidence when applying. I believe you are the best. You must do it! The complete resume, and the job search must have a complete resume! "The first element is: proper positioning, avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Materials must be useful.

    The basic information contains two aspects: First, face up to your own shortcomings, do not feel inferiority due to differences, do not worry about the defects, and do not let the weakness affect your success. Second It is also the most important point. Grasp and trust your own strengths, avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, and form advantages, thereby carrying out life planning and competition.

    The ancients said, "Mei Xuxun snow is white, but snow loses a section of incense."

    The most basic way we do not entangle in the disadvantages is that do not take our own weaknesses to compete with other people's strengths. There is no need to live with ourselves, and there is no need to distress and inferiority for this: if you if you I like to play basketball, but you are not tall enough. Don't blame yourself. Although there is no height advantage, it is short and low in gravity. After practicing the ball control technology, it is a headache for those tall players. Boykins is only 165cm, but he still stands on the NBA. Sometimes we only need to change, and then tell ourselves: Forget those defects. This is not your reason. This is not your goal. This is not your path, or this is not important for you.

    Metting to know and positioning themselves. Everyone has its own characteristics and specialties. Even if your length is not top -notch and is not authoritative enough, you will always have a place that is better than competitors. As long as you are good at Utilization can form an advantage.
    Is to select your favorite position for resume!
    The first, the goal should not be good, you do n’t want to consider the position that really needs work experience, because we know that we need a growth period;

    You can promote your resume and avoid your resume. Without professional experience, you can show your ability to do your job and have no work performance. You can prove that you have the professional ability to engage in the industry, such as the technical patent of engineering students and the writings of liberal arts students. Do this positioning, persuasion and competitiveness come out, and confident water is successful. "

    The third, you can consciously do some work you are good at, make achievements, make performance, and explain the potential of your favorite company in the future. As long as you give you a chance, you can give the unit a surprise.

    Wen Qi, you need to do a good job of positioning in your life. A few three -year plans or five -year plans are required. Find your positioning at each stage. If you graduate from university graduation, you will be positioned in college. If you reach middle age to middle age, you will be positioned in middle age. For example, if you want to be a senior vice president of a company, you have to plan to spend three years before becoming a one -year one to become one in one year. The name assistant manager or manager, spend three years to become a senior executive or vice president, and spend three years to become senior vice president or president, and even come out to start a business. Let your confidence become faith.

    The concepts and faith are two completely different concepts, which can be seen from the literal consciousness: confidence focuses on the "heart" -psychological state and psychological feeling; The focus of faith is "thought" -the concept and belief, and the enhancement of faith into faith is the only way to make faith with perseverance. As the poet of ancient Rome Ovid said: "Faith! Those who have faith can stand any storm. "

  2. Finding a job refers to the process of searching for recruitment information through job fairs, networks, newspapers, exhibition boards, talent markets and other places, and then go to the process of interviews with relevant companies.

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