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  1. Employment direction of engineering measurement: Graduates are facing the design, construction, and organizational management of surveying, water conservancy, hydropower, urban construction, roads, bridges, industrial and civil buildings, and land management departments.
    Teng engineering measurement major: The students of this major mainly learn the basic theory of measurement and engineering, as well as survey of various engineering (such as urban construction, transportation, water conservancy, mines, marine buildings, large precision equipment installations, etc.) Design, construction, and operation of the theoretical, technical and methods of surveying and mapping at each stage, and learn the basic knowledge of engineering construction.
    The training target: Engineering measurement technology major is a very comprehensive specialty, which has high requirements for measurement, mathematics (such as flat determinants, minimum secondary methods, etc.). The major put forward new requirements for English and computer technology. The purpose is to cultivate high -skilled talents who have mastered basic theories and basic skills, and can engage in the frontline of various engineering measurement, cadastral measurement, management, and service. In addition to obtaining an academic certificate when graduating, students must also obtain at least one vocational skills appraisal certificate issued by the state.
    The graduates should have the following skills: 1. Master the theoretical and methods of the design, cloth testing and data processing of the measurement control network;
    2. Master a large -scale terrain diagram testing and automation technology;
    3. Master the principles and methods of the installation measurement measurement of engineering construction and large precision equipment;
    4. Master the theoretical and methods of deformation observation and data processing;
    5. Master the basic knowledge of measurement of the management and engineering construction of production organization;
    6. It has the preliminary ability of scientific research and technology development.

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  3. Graduates are facing surveying, water conservancy, hydropower, urban construction, roads, bridges, industrial and civil buildings, land management and other departments to engage in the design, construction and organizational management of measurement engineering.

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