Interim Regulations on the Management of the Automotive Motorcycle Maintenance Industry of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

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  1. Chapter 1 General Principles 1 In order to strengthen the management of the automotive and motorcycle maintenance industry in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Special Economic Zone), maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the maintenance enterprise and users (consumers), and ensure the quality and traffic safety. The "Interim Measures for the Management of the Automobile Maintenance Industry" issued by the State Economic Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the "Implementation Rules for the Management Measures for the Management of the Guangdong Provincial Automobile and Motorcycle Motor Maintenance Industry" issued by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, combined with the specific situation of the SAR, specially formulated these regulations. Article 2 These regulations are applicable to enterprises and individuals engaged in operating cars and motorcycle maintenance within the SAR. Article 3 The automotive and motorcycle maintenance industries referred to in these regulations refer to enterprises and individual maintenance companies engaged in business (main or part -time) cars, motorcycles repair, assembly large repair, maintenance, minor repair and special repair business.
    The special repair referred to in the preceding paragraph refers to specializing in car, motorcycle body repair, spray paint, electrical equipment repair, battery repairs, puffing cloth, seat cushion repair, water tank repair, tire repair, replacement of car doors and windows, car air conditioners, car air conditioners Repair and single -purpose maintenance business related to cars and motorcycles. Article 4 The Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau is the competent authority of the SAR and motorcycle maintenance industry (hereinafter referred to as the competent authority), and shall implement management of the automotive and motorcycle maintenance industry in accordance with these regulations. Chapter 2 The establishment, opening, changes, and annual review of the maintenance industry shall apply for the operation of the operation of the car and motorcycle maintenance business. Then apply to the municipal industrial and commercial administrative authority for registration. Article 6 The following conditions must be available for receiving the "Qualification Certificate of Technical Examination":
    (1) Basic conditions
    1. Place and operating factory building that are compatible with car and motorcycle maintenance projects, and provide a red line to provide a red line Picture, "Real Estate Certificate" or rental contract. The factory building to be built shall provide a construction permit issued by the construction planning department;
    2. The operating venue and building must meet the relevant regulations of the urban management, public security fire, and environmental protection departments. It is not allowed to hinder traffic and affect the city's capacity, and at the same time meet the requirements of urban noise and pollution management regulations;
    3. Funding funds that are compatible with business projects;
    4. Open an independent bank account in the city.
    (2) Technical conditions
    1. Maintenance, detection equipment and standard measurement tools that are compatible with business business; Auxiliary engineers who have the professional knowledge of the professional college or above of the automobile maintenance and obtain the technical titles of the assistant engineer who meet the requirements of the job or the mechanical engineers who are engaged in car repair technology for more than three years), the number of technical personnel in the first type of automobile maintenance industry shall be not less than the production personnel 3 %;
    3. Implementation of the "Implementation Rules for the Administrative Measures for the Motorcycle Maintenance Industry in Guangdong Province" and other technical conditions stipulated in its "supplementary regulations". Article 7 In addition to the relevant conditions of the individual maintenance industry, the following conditions must also be available:
    (1) The applicant must hold a certificate of occupational hukou certificates and the business departments issued by our city.
    (2) The applicant must have a corresponding (or certain) technical ability and can directly engage in the maintenance business of automobiles and motorcycles. Article 8 The maintenance of the maintenance industry shall be reported to the competent department for review, and the conditions for applying for the registration to the original registered business administrative authority shall be applied for change registration to the original registered business administrative authority, and the public security department shall be reported to the public security department for record. Article 9 The name of an enterprise must go to the industrial and commercial administrative department to go through the procedures for changing and record it with the competent department. Article 10 The changes in the scope of operation in the industry shall be handled by the procedures of Article 5 and 6 of these regulations. Article 11 The maintenance industry shall perform the annual technical conditions for the annual technical conditions before the annual review of the industrial and commercial license. Those who pass the annual review can continue to operate; if they are not qualified, they will be rectified, downgraded, and disqualified until they are disqualified. Article 12 If the maintenance industry shall be suspended or closed, it shall declare to the original approval authority, and shall go through the relevant procedures to the transportation, industry and commerce, and taxation departments within one month after the approved, and pay the "Qualified Certificate of Technical Examination" and "Business License". Clean up claims and debt and announce. Chapter 3 Maintenance Quality Management Article 13 The automobile maintenance industry must follow the National Standards Agency's automotive repair technology standards (GB3798 ~ 3803-83, GB5336-85) and the automotive repair technology standards issued by the Ministry of Communications (JT3101-81) (JT3101-81). Regulations and relevant standards formulated by the competent authority and standard departments.
    The quality standards for motorcycle maintenance can be implemented with the above -mentioned relevant technical standards.
    The safety technical requirements for automobiles are implemented in accordance with the GB7258-87 issued by the National Standards Bureau, the "Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Standards" issued by the Ministry of Public Security, and the implementation of the "Automobile Maintenance Regulations" formulated by the Guangdong Highway Transportation Administration. Article 14 The maintenance industry must ensure the quality of maintenance, establish and improve the quality inspection and vehicle maintenance registration system (all registration materials must be retained for three years or more), and are equipped with full -time inspectors. When the vehicles that conduct large repair and disintegration and maintenance are exported, the undertaking unit shall provide users with all technical documents such as all technical files and factory qualification certificates. After the vehicle is qualified, it shall be implemented in accordance with Article 6 of the "Supplementary Provisions of the Administrative Measures for the Management of the Automobile and Motorcycle Maintenance Industry in Guangdong Province" in the "Administrative Measures for the Management Measures for the Motorcycle Motor Maintenance Industry". During the warranty period, mechanical accidents and economic losses caused by maintenance quality are responsible for the maintenance unit.

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