3 thoughts on “How to enter the electrical industry for non -electrical majors”

  1. Hello friends, first give you New Year. According to your conditions, I think so. If the goal of electrical engineers, find a large and medium -sized enterprise (according to your city, it is best to be a large city, such as North, Shanghai, Guangguang), there are many types of enterprises such as large cities), and there are many types The supporting device design, as well as a special power design company. It is recommended that you just start the industry from an electrical engineer. Generally, companies will cultivate their own design teams, and there are internship opportunities to start directly from engineers. First come into contact with this industry, understand the dynamics of enterprises and industry, contact new knowledge in real time according to their own situation, and make design that requires continuous accumulation and precipitation of their own knowledge. ; I hope my answer can help you, thank you! Hope! @ @

  2. You can go to self -study or self -study. Electrical majors are mainly academic circuits, high numbers, English, C language, network. Professional courses can learn electronics, motors, power generation, power supply, etc., but mainly learn circuits, high numbers, English. After learning, you can get an electrical duty staff or an electrical maintenance worker. In a bit of opportunity, it is not difficult to enter the power industry.

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