5 thoughts on “Can I make money by taking a video of children?”

  1. Taking a child can make money, but there is a premise whether it is to shoot their own children or other children's children. First of all, they must "protect" the child. Either cute, handsome, handsome, beautiful, or outstanding temperament, let the audience look at it; secondly, to shoot some children's growth problems, share their parenting scriptures with parents to attract the audience's attention and collection; at the same time, to create A harmonious (perfect) family atmosphere (let everyone envy) makes your words more convincing and attractive.
    profit: shooting children videos can be used by sharing the items used by children's daily life -bottle, diapers, toys, clothes, shoes and socks for business purchases, earn the difference from the middle; at the same time, you can sell some children to see it to see Books, etc. (focus on how good it is for children -cultivating children's XX consciousness); refer to the store sales of other children's video photographers

  2. Of course, you can make money when you shoot a video. As long as your child is cute, no matter how good you shoot, many people like it. If the click volume is high, you can make money, if you don't shoot well. It's not easy to make money.

  3. Yes, small videos of many websites can make money, and there are more people watching more. This is to calculate the money by clicking the amount, and it is best to take a series to be more rich.

  4. Yes, many video platforms now have videos of various children. If they are more interesting and fun, or children are cute, there are often people reward.

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