5 thoughts on “How to enter the entertainment industry?”

  1. There are many ways to enter the entertainment industry. There are 3 examples here, as shown in the following:
    The acting in the entertainment industry: Entering the entertainment industry first starting from the running dragon set, many film and television cities are shooting one by one Mass actors are needed during the drama or movie, which can go to the film and television city for ordinary people.
    The resume: If there is a talent for acting, you can shoot a short film you are satisfied with, and then send the short film to the performing arts company, similar to the resume form;
    participating in the draft show: as long as there is any Power and talent may be seen by which director, you can have the opportunity to enter the entertainment industry to sing and act.

  2. How to enter the entertainment industry, in fact, you must be an actor or a singer in the entertainment industry. Then you have to have a brokerage company so that you can receive some notices in the entertainment industry, and then there are different concepts to enter the entertainment industry and fire. know. So I think you have to be a singer, idol, or actor.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, thank you for your patience. I will answer it for you: ordinary people want to enter the entertainment industry. There are the following methods: 1. Run the dragon set, do group performances 2, accumulate works to perform resumes for performing arts companies 3. Participate in the entertainment test. The stars entered the art college through the art test, and then went directly to the performing arts circle after graduation. 4. Entering the Star of a regular brokerage company to get more performance opportunities in the circle, generally sign a strong agency company. In the same way, ordinary people want to enter the entertainment industry, and they can also obtain performance opportunities by signing a brokerage company to get stalls entering the entertainment industry.

  4. There are professional skills with the ability, similar to Korean trainees. Find a place for a few years. Beijing is more suitable. The show is even better, and it is forced.

  5. Of course, I went to the Film Academy! Receive formal training, systematic knowledge absorption! The success rate must be higher!

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