Henan post -80s welders counterattack annually? What other types of work in the construction industry can reach one million?

4 thoughts on “Henan post -80s welders counterattack annually? What other types of work in the construction industry can reach one million?”

  1. A post -80s welder in Henan counterattack, with an annual income of millions, many people are curious about the construction industry to earn a million annual wages? In fact, the salary of many stores is very high. For example, the welder welder is actually a technical job. If you have not studied, not everyone will do it, but the work of the welders is also very dangerous. And I often be burned, even in the hot summer, I have to wear thick work clothes, because if I do not wear work clothes, it is likely to be burned, but there are still many occupational diseases in the welders. The most obvious thing is that the skin is often burned, because the exhaust gas generated for a long time is inhaled, so his eyes will also be damaged to varying degrees.
    But in fact, for many young people, the salary of this welder can be said to be very high, because he has reached a million annual income, which is a high salary level for many people, but in fact The construction industry also has a variety of occupations. If there is no contact, it is likely that it will not understand. The construction industry not only has welders but also carpenter and carpenter. In fact, it is more common on the construction site. They mainly do house support workers and build a house. The skeleton of the house is actually very important in all industries. If there is no carpenter, the house on the construction site cannot be done, and the price of the carpenter is calculated according to the flat meter. The question, but if it is the master's salary, the salary may be higher.
    The various occupations on the construction site have no thresholds, and they do not need academic qualifications. In the past, many people would go to self -study or find acquaintances, and then go to the construction site. Basically, they can do a few hundred dollars a day. As long as you are not lazy, you can still do it for a month, but in fact, the salary of the work sites is different. If you want high salary, you must not only have a technical level, but also know how to look at the drawings.

  2. After the 80s of Henan, the establishment of a welder school has entered a million annual income, and the construction industry can reach a million income like general carpenter or painter.

  3. It shows that this profession is very fragrant now, and has been welcomed and affirmed by many young people, so it has led to so good treatment. Production personnel, transportation equipment personnel, technical personnel, these industries are very high.

  4. For example, there are construction engineers and mechanical and electrical operators, the construction industry is actually quite hot, and as experience, the higher the salary, the higher the salary.

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