4 thoughts on “What are the more well -known exhibition hall design and construction companies in Shanghai?”

  1. Shanghai Li Exhibition Design Engineering Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a professional exhibition design contractor mainly based on exhibition exhibition business. The service content includes the planning and contracting of large -scale exhibition projects; the design and exhibition of museum/exhibition hall/planning hall/memorial hall; planning and implementation of large -scale activities and conferences; design and decoration of commercial environmental space.

    Ir's background of China's reform and opening up and the development of China's convention and exhibition industry, and the development and progress has been continuously developed. The business scope has involved multiple horizontal related fields. Li Zhan has served many government projects and well -known domestic and foreign brand enterprises. It is also a designated service provider for many large -scale exhibitions and well -known enterprises. So far, it has become one of the most influential and representative companies in the industry.

    The vice chairman unit of Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association
    The deputy director unit of the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association Exhibition Engineering Professional Committee
    The director unit of the China Exhibition Hall Association
    The China Exhibition Hall Executive Director Unit of the Association Exhibition Engineering Professional Committee
    The director unit of Shanghai Multi -Media Industry Association
    The first -level qualifications of the exhibition project of the China Exhibition Hall n

  2. Yibo Hall Environmental Art Engineering Design Company is a company specializing in environmental art design. It undertakes multiple government image projects. Cases, including: the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hainan Province, the exhibition hall of the Shandong Huantai Planning Exhibition Hall, the previous cultural expo, the high meeting

    exhibitions and the international image promotion exhibition of the 2011 Grand Games, the 15th anniversary of the Suzhou Industrial Park Achievement exhibition. The company's main advantage is that the overall planning of the exhibition hall and the exhibition and the planning of the overall display content of the exhibition hall and

    The design of the overall image of the exhibition hall in the middle period; the construction and construction of the overall display project in the later period.

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