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  1. In Gao'an, Jiangxi.
    Gao'an, Jiangxi is the largest heavy truck and used truck transaction distribution center in the country, and is known as the capital of China's logistics. Gaoan Second -hand Van Direct Selling Network, led by the Management Committee of the Gao'an Cargo Automobile Industry Base in Jiangxi Province, came into being in this context.
    Matherous people who are familiar with the used truck market know that Gao'an City, as the country's automotive logistics capital, the largest used truck market in the country is Gaoan City, with more than 3,000 auto transport companies. According to Gaoan freight automobile industry base According to the statistics of the Management Committee, the transaction volume of second -hand trucks in Gao'an City in 2018 exceeded 50,000, which is a freight market for every province and cities across the country except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The development prospects are inestimable.
    The second -hand truck conference
    In November 2020, the 2020 China Second -hand Commercial Vehicle Conference hosted by the China Automobile Circulation Association was held in Gao'an, Jiangxi. Gathering. This is the undertaking place after Gao An successfully hosted the 3rd China Second -hand Commercial Vehicle Conference last year.
    It is reported that Gaoan is the largest second -hand commercial vehicle distribution center in the country. It trades 60,000 second -hand trucks in annual transactions and the transaction value exceeds 10 billion yuan. Yuan He Geng, Secretary of the Gao'an Municipal Party Committee, said that in the next few years, Gaoan will focus on the construction of commercial vehicle industrial park platforms and digital logistics big data platforms, innovative development and development of new formats such as car carriers, dumping transportation, warehouse matching, multi -type transportation, etc. n Speed ​​up the construction of online freight, used commercial vehicle markets, etc., and continuously constructs the entire industry chain of automotive freight, warehousing logistics, automobiles and component manufacturing, new car sales, used car transactions, and logistics big data. The industry is made into a national benchmark.
    The above content Reference: People's Daily-20120 China Second-hand Commercial Vehicle Conference held in Gaoan
    The above content.

  2. There are many domestic car trading markets, but there are not many used car markets, especially second -hand truck trading markets. League used car trading market, Majiayan used car trading market, Shijiazhuang Ruicheng used car market, Tawan used car market, etc. Let's take a look.
    The domestic ten -hand truck trading market
    1. Jiangxi Gaoan used car market
    "China Logistics Automobile Capital" Gaoan City, Jiangxi Province, is the largest used truck trading market in the country. The transaction volume has reached tens of thousands of vehicles. Because of the large scale, many big brands such as liberation, Oman, Shaanxiqi and other dealers have promoted a large -scale preferential policy in Gaoan. Generally, various types of brands are dump trucks, traces, and trucks. The policy of car purchase is flexible. Most of the Gaoan Auto Transport Company only needs to down payment of 100,000 or even 80,000 to pick up the car. The review and mortgage procedures are simple. Customers with insufficient funds are more convenient to choose a car in Gaoan.
    2. Liangshan second -hand car market
    What trucks are sold? Old drivers in the freight industry know: "South Gao'an and Beiliangshan". As the two major commercial vehicle trading bases in China, the Liangshan used car market is also a well -known second -hand truck market in China. The series of series models such as Steyr, Aolong, Futian Ohmowalvo, Haowo, Shaanxi Automobile Delong, Aolong, Hongyan, Haojun and other series of models. Liangshan is a well -known domestic modification base. In addition, the proportion of special vehicles is not small. The number of mixer trucks and special engineering vehicles is large. Under the conditions of financial loans in the purchase of cars, the minimum down payment requires 30 % of the car price.
    3. Huaxiang used car market
    Huaxiang used car market is also known as the Beijing old motor vehicle trading market. Super large professional used car trading market. The market covers an area of ​​500 acres and more than 580 second -hand car companies in the field. The market sells more than 10,000 second -hand commercial cars in the library all year round, with a daily update rate of 5%. The first of the ranking, where can I buy the second -hand truck? The editor found that it was specially traded and sold for trucks on Jingliang Road in the market.
    4. Chengdu Hongmeng second -hand car trading market
    SEMCS Hongmeng second -hand car trading market was established in 2005. It is the largest used car trading market in the western region. It is also the only second -hand car trading market planned by the government , Covering an area of ​​200 acres, the market size is complete. In addition to the establishment of a certificate of the certificate, the market is also equipped with professional business agency personnel to provide customers with one -stop services for customers. The process of convenient, fast unveiling, and worry -free, divide the car trading area and the truck trading area, and plan to operate a brand boutique area with high -end brand used cars. If you do n’t know where to buy second -hand trucks in Chengdu, you can try this.
    5. Majiayan second -hand car trading market
    Where is there in Chongqing used trucks? The answer must be the Majiayan second -hand car trading market. This is a trading market that specializes in second -hand trucks. There are only a little second -hand motorcycle in the interior. Working, motor vehicle trading service stations, driver's physical examination stations, and various restaurants. The supporting facilities are very complete. It implements all aspects of services for consumers, which greatly improves the efficiency of dealers and consumer transactions. More than 10,000 vehicles, in 2020 due to urban planning, the market has relocated to Lishu Bay, Shapingba District.
    6. Shijiazhuang Ruicheng second -hand car market
    Shijiazhuang Ruicheng used car market was established in 2016. It is located in the northwest of Shijiazhuang in the provincial capital. The new car is supplemented by the new car, and the large -scale comprehensive automotive market of automotive services such as accessories, testing, repair, and decoration has a total area of ​​300 acres. It has 11 indoor large luxury exhibition halls and 300 second -hand car boutiques. It is divided into A/B. /C/D/F/E six areas. Among them, the two districts of A/B are mainly operating high -end used cars, C/D mainly operate small and low -grade cars, and areas of area F are mainly operating blue brand trucks. If you buy used trucks Essence
    7. The second -hand car market of Shenyang Tower Bay
    The Shenyang Tatan Bay Car Danker is located at 240 West Road, Kunshan Road, Shenyang City. The ground area is 110,000 square meters, and the construction area is 26,000 square meters. As a second -hand car transaction distribution center in the Northeast, nearly 50,000 used cars are sold in the market each year, with a transaction value of 2.8 billion yuan, becoming a local tax pillar enterprise. There are 1,600 parking spaces in the car exhibition area, 1200 parking spaces in trucks and motorcycle exhibition areas.
    8. Langtian used car trading market
    Langtian Market is located on the section of the west Central Road, and is close to the vehicle management office of the Linyi Traffic Police Detachment. The Langtian used car market is a support project of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance. It covers an area of ​​500 acres, with a total investment of 220 million yuan, more than 1,600 merchants, with an annual transaction volume of more than 100,000 and transaction volume exceeding 5 billion. The market is well -equipped, with boutique used car trading area, ordinary used car trading area, truck trading area (Linyi used truck trading market), motor vehicle registration service station, motor vehicle inspection center, car maintenance beauty, etc. Car dealers have one -stop service capabilities.
    9. Jiaodong Laiyang used car market
    The Jiaodong used car trading market is the one -stop used car trading market with the highest grade, the largest scale, and most functional function of Jiaodong. It is located at 620 Longmen West Road. Shenglong Group's investment and construction, planned a total of 220 acres, mainly engaged in used car sales, new car sales, auction, inspection and repair, appraisal and evaluation, etc., and provided financial credit, vehicle transfer, insurance handling, vehicle files and agency annual review, etc. Business processing. The market has planned 10,000 square meters of boutique exhibition hall, 60,000 square meter car square, 26,000 square meter truck distribution center, 1,000 square meters trading hall, and 26,000 square meters of vehicle inspection center line.
    10. Budweiser's second -hand car market
    maisian second -hand car market is located in Longzhu Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The market was established in 2003. It is the first used car trading market to enter Nanshan District. Entering second -hand car acquisition and sales, old cars are scrapped and recycled, vehicle difficulties are difficult to handle, and old car trading processes, agency sales, purchasing, boarding, annual review, extension, car update, etc. Sales economic practical models are well -known and suitable for groups. It is the first choice for the majority of car buyers to buy and sell cars. In addition, it is one of the largest truck trading bases in Shenzhen. Over the years, it has adhered to the characteristic operation route. The volume of truck transactions is the leading level in the city.

  3. China ’s larger used commercial car trading market is the Liangshan Huatong used car market. Liangshan used car market is the largest and most formal of the Liangshan Huatong used car market. The market is very large. Dump trucks, mixers, trailers, tankers, etc. There are thousands of cars. They are all cars with very close years. Basically, the cars you want to buy can be found in the Liangshan Huatong used car market.
    The market has been rated as a Chinese commercial used car trading base, a national used car export base, and an excellent second -hand car company in Shandong Province; And the regulatory authorities have settled in, which can ensure the interests of card friends to the greatest extent.
    The second -hand truck market must choose a regular used car market. It is not easy to buy a car. A truck carries a family responsibility of this car buyer. You must buy a car with a good car. Do n’t be greedy for small and cheap when buying a car. Choose a regular market. If you want to choose a reliable intermediary through the intermediary, the intermediary is slowly regularized to purify the used car market. If you do not pass the intermediary, you can go to the market to select and stroll on the market. There are phone calls on the car, and you can communicate directly with the car dealer.
    Is to buy a good car with card friends

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