After the employee was kicked out of the company group, what should I do if I said bad things about the company?

5 thoughts on “After the employee was kicked out of the company group, what should I do if I said bad things about the company?”

  1. The questioner is good. In response to the questions you ask, I personally think that the situation should be dealt with:
    The first situation: as the company, such a practice for resigning employees, if it does not have any impact This behavior of employees is because there is no need to manage it. What others say are the freedom of others and as the company's freedom of speech.
    The second situation: If the employee's behavior has caused a bad impact on the company, you can send someone to negotiate to the employee, please stop talking about bad words, otherwise he will investigate his defamation and infringement. responsibility.
    Is the third situation: If the employee speaks bad words, it has caused a serious impact and consequences on the company, you can find ways to collect evidence, wait for the evidence to collect enough, and use legal channels It is required to bear the liability for infringement.

  2. You can use this person's chat history in the group to notarize the preservation of evidence, and then sue to the court to infringe the company's reputation right, ask the infringer to bear the infringement liability, such as the apology and other behaviors

  3. If he did not make rumors and defamation, he was telling the truth, nor did he disclose your company's business secrets or cause any losses, that is his freedom, you can't control it. If he makes rumors, slanders, or other illegal acts, alarm, and prosecution.

  4. If it is not serious, if it is serious, then call the police directly and pay attention to preserving relevant evidence. This is important.

  5. You can try to sue this group, but the company's departure employees have to pull the group to say bad things, which proves that the company is usually not good at employees. Now consider the psychological situation of the job, reduce the rate of departure, and be more sour.

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