5 thoughts on “How can the restaurant be marketing at zero -cost?”

  1. The first trick: Digestion Topke
    Zero -cost promotion, with hot spots, catch flow

    Yimen Baijia has changed the previously high cost in the way of marketing and catching traffic. The transformation, or high investment costs for publicity, but starting a new scene from a wall or a TV screen.
    This short videos set off a trend of comprehensive entertainment, bringing a large wave of flow to Haidilao and answer tea.

    In the J1 smart marketing wall to quickly get on this bus, whether it is hot spots, or holiday promotion without design or print poster, use Jeff and You APP mobile phone to edit it, combine the vibrato with the signboard with the signboard The vegetable design has a sense of participation and creative consumption. For the traffic introduced by online marketing, it uses offline rapid follow -up to create more chain reactions.
    This rhythm is compact, which also formed people who have no self, and people have a lot of competition barriers.

    In more and more popular sports marketing compared with event marketing, it has more closeness, participation, memory, and long -term. During the World Cup, Jeff and You J1 box played the World Cup quiz and drinking activities, and the popularity continued to be popular.

    The most important thing is that the restaurant can form in -depth communication with consumers, reaches consensus from resonance, and build a firm trust relationship with the brand.

    This Materials to spend at least 1,000 pieces of activity at least 1,000 yuan, and at least 10,000 yuan of material costs a year.

    The dynamic marketing wall, festive discount promotion, membership activities can be released at zero costs. It originally took at least 3 days from design, production, installation to acceptance. Marketing execution efficiency has increased by 1400 times.

    The second trick: lock customer marketing

    dynamic menu "to the wall, improve the point efficiency of the point

    Consumers show restaurant products.
    In the era of information explosion, people's prompts and screening of conventional menu have produced fatigue. It is difficult to stimulate people's appetite, so the signature dishes dynamically on the wall have become an effective move to improve customers' order efficiency.
    It in the stall shop of less than 30 square meters in Yimenbai's house, not only the sour Spicy powder can be put on the wall. The dishes characteristics and production technology can be presented in animation, letting the signature dishes speak and move, "spicy sour sour, hand -made missiles, powerful elasticity" ... Not only will it not be difficult to choose, but it can't help the temptation. Therefore, the click rate is greatly improved, and the flowing water naturally comes up.
    The third trick: Fun Guard


    Now the main consumer group has changed! It is a good way to tell the story with the fun copy of Jeff and You J1 box bullet function. n

  2. It is impossible to sit at zero -cost marketing at all. Eating itself is consumption, otherwise how is it called a restaurant?

  3. It is difficult to achieve zero -cost marketing. First of all, the restaurant is used for dinner. No matter how you market, the first thing the guest comes is to eat, right?

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