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  1. I am not living in the city, nor is it the city in the city. I have no deep understanding of the large cities or urbanization process. I only understand the theoretical knowledge and hope to help you. Essence Building urban agglomerations can vigorously promote regional economic development. First of all, the urban agglomeration is a large regional growth pole (or growth area), with fast economic growth and can drive the development of surrounding areas; second, the urban agglomeration should be a "innovation pole", which is very innovative; third The overall competitiveness of the urban agglomeration is strong. In the past, we were concerned about competition between a single city. For example, the competition in Wuhan and Guangzhou, but in the future, we may talk more about the competition of the city group and the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. Competition of the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. Essence

  2. The so -called urban agglomeration is a cities with a considerable number of different properties, types and grades in a specific area, with one or two super -large cities as the center. Strengthen and jointly form a relatively complete city "collection". Scholars of the concept of urban agglomeration are not consistent, but the understanding is gradually consistent, that is, the urban agglomerations are composed of many cities, and the connection between each other is getting closer and closer, and it has a joint impact on regional development. The urban agglomeration is a high -level phenomenon of regional space in the process of industrialization and urbanization. It can produce huge economic benefits. It is one of the signs of the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of modernization.

  3. The biggest benefit of the urban circle is that there are many big cities, and a number of big cities gather together. Big cities can greatly increase the economic output rate of unit land.
    Secondly, the basic farmland can be retained while promoting urbanization and industrialization.
    again, adopting the urban circle strategy, not only completing the industrialization, not only the level of industrialization, and the level of urban population to a developed country, but also protect the cultivated land and meet the basic consumption needs of Chinese population in agricultural products.
    will also have a driving and demonstration effect on some underdeveloped and underwriting regions.

  4. It can promote urbanization construction, optimize allocation of resources, enhance the role of radiation, and promote the development of cities inside the urban agglomeration.

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