Dear, who knows where the pet market in Shenzhen is? It's best to be the dog's pet market, thank you!

5 thoughts on “Dear, who knows where the pet market in Shenzhen is? It's best to be the dog's pet market, thank you!”

  1. Shenzhen's new pet market "Pet World", near the Ma'an Mountain Metro Station of Shajing, is currently the only pet market. There are more than 30 stalls of living cats, dogs, dogs wholesale retail, and many of them are racing dogs and cats. Guaranteed. Don't believe in any online, lie to you without discussing. The Futian Flower World has been disassembled, and there are no pets in the south flower world.

  2. 1: It is best not to go to the pet market. There are many types of dogs there, but many of them are sick dogs, nor do they say that all dogs are sick. Before selling it to you Drugs such as Disvians make you see that they are very lively. When you buy it after you buy it, you will have problems with dogs and dogs in a few days. The diseased disease is very difficult to cure, and it takes time and money. I don’t know that your pet market specifications are not standardized, but our pet market here is almost the same. , I think you can go to a pet shop to see that the dogs in the pet shop are at least guaranteed. If there is a problem with the dog, you can find the owner of the pet shop to solve it. My dog ​​is bought in a pet shop. The price It is a little more expensive than the outside, but you buy it more assured. If you have a dog farm for a pet shop, you can also ask you to see the dog dad and dog mother of the puppy. Inherited, the dogs and dog moms are good. Puppy is generally not worse.
    2: There is another way to go to websites such as 58 cities. These people are sold, you can buy it like this, the price is cheaper than the pet shop. Some pet shops now have dog farms, breeding themselves, and some pet shops are also websites such as 58 cities. It is like this to collect dogs in the personal home, and the pet shop near my house is like this, but because we are not professional enough, I do n’t know how to choose a dog, it may not be able to distinguish the good or bad of the dog. It is reasonable to buy in a pet shop.
    3: There are you can adopt dogs. Take a look on the Internet. I know that there are adopted dogs in the same city. I really don’t know. I have never adopted it. I have adopted a puppy It's not bad, very meaningful.
    It hope to help you!

  3. More advanced pet shops. The advantage of this is that if you really have some minor illnesses, a business trip, the owner of the pet shop will help take care of it. And you can talk to him before you buy it. It is best to write down the white paper and black words. The three diseases of dog plague, small, and filling have been fully refunded.

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