4 thoughts on “Sanhua cat's nose suddenly grows black spots. What is going on?”

  1. It may be that Sanhua Cat suffers from folliculitis, and the owner can take the cat to see the doctor. Another possibility is that cats have simple freckles -like moles. This is a skin disease that does not affect the cat's life. The last possibility, the cat's nose was caught, and the black spots were developed after the wound healed.
    Why do you grow black spots?
    Most three flower cats' noses are fleshy or pink, especially cute, without black spots on it. However, some Sanhua cats eat very unhealthy, such as eating too cheap cat food, which will cause too much fat secreted by Sanhua cats and may suffer from folliculitis. The owner can take the cat to see the doctor, and let the doctor prescribe some external anti -inflammatory drugs. The owner can use a small sister -in -law to clamp the black head in the hair follicles. Remember to be lighter. Before treatment, the owner can apply some anti -inflammatory drugs or alcohol on the hair follicles to make the pores softer. After that, the owner can give the cat a little more expensive cat food, so that the cat will not have the disease again.
    Os how to treat it?
    If it is some black spots formed by some small freckles or wounds, the owner does not need to care. Because this is a normal situation, many cats or cats will grow such black spots, which will not affect the cat's daily life. If it is the above -mentioned folliculitis, the owner can take the cat to see the doctor. There are also some cats that will have a black chin. This is because the bowl of eating is plastic, which will cause the cat's chin to produce a lot of blackheads, making the chin look dark. This is actually similar to the black spots on the nose. They are unhealthy foods. The owner can eat the cat's cat food or make cat rice directly for the cat.
    Is when raising a kitten, the owner should often observe the condition of the cat, so as to know how the cat's body has changed.

  2. It may be because the cat's nose is a problem, or it may have a cat nasal branch. Some diseases may occur, or there may be problems with the sense of smell. It may be caused by the decline of the body's immunity.

  3. It may be infected with some fungi. At this time, the cat should be exposed to the sun and use sulfur soap to help the cat clean the nose. In this case, the cat's nose may change.

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