Which is better to clean the cat with the ears, which is the best to clean the cat with the ears

Can anyone tell me?

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  1. Cat's ears are more sensitive. Washing your ears for cats should be used for special pet cleaning liquids. You must not use shower gel nor clear water. This can clean the cat's ears. The following points.
    1. Use pet cleaning liquid
    Plip the dirt of the cat's outer auricle with pet cleaning fuel liquid. If a cat has ear mites, you should use pet ear washing liquid to clean the cat's inner ear, which helps to remove earwax to remove earwax Itching, anti -otitis, anti -ear mites.
    2, cooperate with tools
    The ear washing fluid can only play a role in the inner ear canal, drip into the pet cleaning liquid into the ear canal, then gently rub the cat's ear roots, so that the ear washing fluid can better flow into the ear canal into the ear canal Deep, the remaining liquid allows the cat to throw it out by itself, and then wipe it clean.
    3, cleaning the ears should be moderate
    Cats are clean animals. The owner usually maintains environmental sanitation in daily life. Clean and cut the fat in the ears, the ears will lose their resistance to dust and bacteria, and the chance of suffering from disease will rise. If a cat has ear mites, you need to adhere to the above methods. After waiting for healing, you should wash it according to the daily amount.

  2. Because the cat's ears are very sensitive and the stratum corneum is relatively weak, the supplies used to clean the ears must ensure gentleness and non -irritating, such as meow wanting to wash liquid; not only can be used as daily cleaning, but also can effectively prevent cat ear mites and remove cat ear. Mites.

  3. Whether it is drop -ear oil or ear washing liquid, wash and remove mites, and it cannot be allowed to flow into the cat's cochlea when used.

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