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  1. I have seen the following:
    alien god dogs (good movies, imagination)
    Kara is a dog
    101 spotted dogs
    102 loyal dog
    Pukes of wolf dogs (also known as Wolf tooth and princess, I watched it a long time ago, I cried at the time.)
    R n Cat and dog vs.

    The following is some movie content copied online.
    The hybrid dog happened to save the little boy Joe Qi, but soon after, the Qiaoqi family moved away from this place, and Bin Guo also launched its Qianli family journey. The dog star in the film was actually an ordinary dog ​​before. After spending 6 months of training before the filming, Bing Guo also fought very much to complete the film shooting work.

    "I'm not stupid, so I have something"
    Work, so the baby who just arrived at the new environment followed the border shepherd mother Ferle to study. Gradually, the baby began to want to be a shepherd dog to work for the owner. The competition, of course, the baby also won the championship with expectations. Although the protagonist in the film is a pig baby, the two border shepherds that are regarded by the baby as their parents also have good performance.

    "The Tourist"
    In this film, the dog Edward actually plays the role of matchmaker. Different male and female protagonists meet and fall in love. This dog star is a typical home dog in the United States. Its wonderful performance in the film has been appreciated by many people. Compared with the powerful actor (Gina Daisei, William Hit), it is not inferior.

    "Dennis the Menace"
    The movie version of "Naughty Antan" is very loyal to the character characteristics of the original work. Of course -Ruf. Rufu is a large mutton dog. In the film, it is inseparable from the lively little owner. Wherever he goes, it will create a chaos, which will cause adults to hurt their brains. Long dog hair covers her eyes. Pet characters.

    A selfish football team agent to take care of his girlfriend, a large golden hound. A strange light beam a day allowed Didier's dogs to become adults, but it could not speak, and it also left the habits of dogs, such as licking people's buttocks, etc. It is a pity that although the dog character is pivotal in this play, there is not much performance space before and after the entire show appears.

    "The Truth About Cats Dogs)
    The heroine is a veterinarian and hosted the show on the radio to solve the pet problem of the audience. One day the actor Calling asked some questions about his pet dogs. The heroine's response caused the actor to dump her, but the actress of the inferiority asked her sexy and beautiful neighbor to replace her. From this, a series of incidents occurred. In the end, there was a lover. In the end, the big Dan dog's coquettish appearance in the film is absolutely full of coquettishness.

    This "DOWN and OUT in Beverly Hills)
    A pair of nervous upstart couples, suddenly a beggar accidentally fell into the swimming pool in their home. The couple decided to do good deeds, but after he broke into this house, everything became chaotic! The dog star in the film is a Scottish border cuton called Martha. It is more nervous and funny than the couple. Finally, the whole film becomes its personal show, cool!

    "Ruthless people"
    -husband (played by Dannyvito) decided to murder his own noisy and strong wife, just at this time his wife was quilt at this time People abducted, her husband decided to see death, and removed his wife. This is a whimsical comedy. The dog character is not so important, but this majestic and mighty Dubin dog has another effect of joy than the male owner who is afraid of things.

    "The Duke"
    The Duke's owner made a will before dying, and decided to leave his own title and heritage to his dog -Xiu Bett, Xiu Xiu, Xiu Better is a Baggi Dog, which is very smart, and there is also a thoughtful partner of the same type as it, Daisy. Simple animals are probably unable to understand the complex and sinister of people's hearts. The innocent look of dogs in the film is the best proof.

    "charge 9" (K -9)
    This is a police officer played by James Beti, a pair of babies with police dog Jebert Video. In the film, Jebert was a large German wolf dog named Jeati. Jeoli also has a lot of difficult performances in the film, as if sitting on the outdoor cafes, people -like drinking cold drinks with straws, a pair of old bird police officers, which is very interesting.

    The "Turner and Hooch)
    I because the owner was murdered, the bullfighting dog named Hooch had to temporarily borrow the police officer Turner (Tomhan Han Han At the home), from the beginning, the two were not right at the beginning to become a good partner of a murderer. The biggest selling point of this film.

    . When it comes to the spiritual dog Laixi, it is probably heard of both adults or children. Dog stars, whether in cartoon, TV series or movies, have its trace. Laici is a very smart campass. In addition to understanding, it can always help the owner at crisis. It is probably the pet that dog lovers want to raise the most.

    "Air Bud"
    Batty is a golden hunting dog who escaped the brutal owner. Later, he met the new owner Jia Xu. The two joined the school basketball team together, Batty's three -point shooting basket is the topic of everyone. In real life, Batty is the injured puppy picked up by the owner in the bushes. At the same time, it will shoot baskets. In addition to basketball, Batty also play football, hockey, baseball, and also shoot a lot of What about ads.

    "Homeward Bound: The Joumey)
    This is the story of the two dogs and a cat (Salsa) looking for a way home. The leader Shadow in the film is a golden hunting dog, and the other is a good luck (good luck) that is extraordinary but without any head. Only animals also understand the meaning of love and trust. Finally returned home safely.

    "Youve Got Mail)
    Tom Hanks plays a standard and sour standard New Yorker in the film. In the round and forth of the male and female protagonist E-Mail, you can often see the male protagonist's pets, a large golden hunting dog. Although there are not many plays, in the last scene, the male and female protagonists kissed and kissed each other. Treating the trick of getting together has attracted the attention of many audiences.

    " I also have Beethoven 2 "(2nd)
    Jihui entered the owner's family and became the favorite of the family, named it Beethoven. From the thick appearance of Santa Bernard's childhood to its huge body when it grew up, Beethoven not only became the favorite of everyone in the movie, but also won the hearts of all the audiences who have watched the film.

    "My Dog SKIP"
    The puppy that can be regarded as a little boy's good teacher and friend -SKIP, which belongs to the British fox hunting dog. It is worth mentioning that the dog star who performs the corner of the SKIP is a star dog called Anzo. Its father Moose can be said to be the hottest dog star in Hollywood today. In the TV series "Frasier", the most popular dog character -Eddie.

    "TheRES SOMETHING About Mary)
    When you meet bad guys, you will bark, so when a group of stupid men want to pursue Mary, a lot of interesting things happen. Among them, the most impressed by everyone is the puppy Falling downstairs, after that, it was hilarious by bandaging by bandages.

    "AS Good as it gets"
    This films of love sketches have shined in that year, successfully won the Oscar Best Male Lord Award, Actor’s Actor’s The wonderful performance is of course the focus, but the cute Brussels Gelin dog in the film is also contributed. It and the lonely, thin novelist (played by Jacknicon) in the film, which made the audience impressed by it.

    "Little Nicky"
    This of the strange fetuses given by Satan and angels, who is qualified to be his teacher? The answer is a bull -headed dog with a psychic ability and talking, its name is "Dog Battle". Don't look at the dog bully, but in the film, it has exhausted the limelight. This alternative and happy dog ​​character really snatched the shots of many actors Adam Sandler.

    "The Grinch"
    The cool Max in the tablet, in fact, there is no excellent bloodline, but an animal trainer at the animal near the Universal field A hybrid dog found in the family, because it looks too much like Max in the cartoon version of "The Grinch" in 1996, so it is selected in this way. Surprisingly, this dog star named Kelley, almost the whole film was played in person, and did not live up to the filming of the movie.

    "101 spots dog" (101)
    "102 spots dog" (102)

    101 Style Dogs "and" 102 Pauten Dogs ", the protagonist in the film is of course the group of cute Damaicho. The lively and cute Damaicho in the film not only contributed to the beautiful marriage of the male and female protagonists, but also took the initiative to defeat the bad guys. After the launch, it also caused a pet tide to breed Dami -cho.

    "Snow Dogs"
    Tett made a good job in Miami, and suddenly received a will, let him go to Alaska to receive a huge legacy, This is flying wealth. With the dream of wealthy overnight, Ted came from the warm Miami to Alaska in the snow and snow. But his dream of dreams quickly shattered: he didn't think of Alaska's huge legacy, it turned out to be such a team of sled dogs ...

    "Legally Blonde
    The blonde beauty is also a victim of social prejudice. The Los Angeles girl Eli (Ryssy Witus Peng) is a living example. She is a pretty woman who is personal, the chairman of the girls' association, the lively and healthy sunshine girl, the university school flower, and a girl wants all she has, it is reasonable to say that she should not have troubles. But because she is a natural blonde beauty, the trouble is here.

    "Meet the Fockeers"
    Grig and Pam have decided to get married, and the wedding was held six months later. Before the wedding, the woman's family should meet with the man's family, so the Brian couple headed by his father Jack took his family and uneasy Grig to visit his new RV to visit the Fake family. However, when the Brian couple met Girig's parents, they found that things were not as simple as imagined ... Rogue dog's acting skills did not lose a few old play bones at all ^^

    " Guide Dog Q "
    The Q is a Labrador dog with an excellent guide dog bloodline. It is different from other brothers and sisters. ---- Like the marking of the bird's wings. Xiao Q was soon selected as a guide dog to launch hard training. Xiao Q's first "master" was Mr. Watanabe. He is a stubborn guy, thinking that the blind bamboo is more reliable than the guide dog. But after a long time, Mr. Watanabe was moved by Xiao Q's selfless love, whether it was walking, shopping, and climbing mountains ... Unfortunately, the good times did not often, and one day, Xiao Q faced the first part of his life ...

    The Hu is a smart, lovely, loyal to the owner hunting dog. Its owner Wang Cubi is oppressed by the wicked. Evil and good, get new life. This is a movie filmed in 1982 in Xiaoxiang's film production. It is estimated that there are not many people who have watched it. There are pet dogs like idle class. However, this pet dog is almost meaningful from which aspects, which is exactly an ordinary hybrid dog. But this hybrid dog named "Kara" is the source of all the joy in the second child's life. Compared with the daily appearance of his dry son, we are really hard to say which one he prefers.

    "Alien Dogs"
    12 -year -old boy Owen (Liam Evanan) all summer was worked hard for the neighbor's house, his work finally finally worked. With rewards, Mom and Dad adopted a dog as a pet for him. Irving and the dog "Hubble" got along well, and soon became the best friend. One day Owen suddenly discovered that his "Hubble" was different. It was actually an interstellar investigator from "Dog Star" ... In the distant and distant Sirius galaxy, there was a "dog star" called "dog star". Planets, civilizations are highly prosperous, and the wisdom life there is exactly the same as dogs on the planet. Ah, no, it should be said that because they have planned to invade the earth for colonial rule for the earth thousands of years ago, so many spies were sent to the earth to collect information, so there were dogs on the earth. However, after thousands of years, no spy sent back a little information, and they seemed inexplicable "evaporation of the world". As a result, Dog Xing sent their best investigators to investigate the earth to investigate what happened. Of course, this investigator is Hubble. After getting along with Xiaowen, Hubble finally understood why all the spies of the dog star went to the news that there was no news, and they would never want to help their hometown invade the earth. Now, the most urgent task of Owen and Hubble is to train the unorganized dogs next door. Because of Hubble's boss, Datan will go to the earth to inspect. All dogs will be recalled for dog stars. In that case, human beings will always lose their most loyal friends ...

    "Jungle Chi Zi Heart"
    Is seeing this name, you may think of the life of African tribes or the life of wild animals, In fact, the protagonist of this movie is a puppy called Baei. It was originally a pet dog. Because the owner was negligent and was thrown into the jungle, the puppy was extremely clever and found that the four little leopards were found to be lost, regardless of the little guy who was abandoned by his mother. Qi Qi had a kind of red feelings, trying to find a adopted mother -a lioness for them. And the lioness did not want to raise these four poor little guys at first, but maybe they were moved by Qi Qi's sincerity and eventually retained them. At this time, because of the master of the Qi Qi, because he was reluctant to drive, he drove the helicopter to the jungle to find it. The Qi Qi finally returned to the jungle.

    "Antarctic Story"
    The box office record holder of real -life movies in Japanese film history, a touching adventure movie starring tough niche Takakura Ken. The film talked about the Japanese expedition in the 1950s. When the weather was inspected in Antarctica, he had to abandon a group of sled dogs in the Antarctic because of the weather. Those lovely dogs struggled to survive in the snow and snow. In the two and a half hour description, the film focuses on showing the unique scenery of Antarctica to the audience, and in the snowy and snowy in Antarctica, people and dogs are particularly touching and special affection in the harsh environment. Most of the films are filmed in the Arctic. The real natural environment is unmatched by any virtual conditions. It makes people see the power of nature.

    "White Fang"
    The ancient Indian prediction, leading the young warrior Henry and his white wolf partner to save a group of peaceful Indians. However, Henry and his beloved Indian -American Shao faced a series of unprecedented fatal crisis. At this time, only the witty and brave Henry and the powerful white wolf can make the ancient white wolf legend realize it. This film inherits the classic style of Dispie's film, and it is listed in the national adventure film "must" recommendation film list.

    "It's Dai Qian's Mornex"
    is a warm children's theme film. Girl Andya went home with her father after leaving her mother, and finally settled to a small town in Florida. In a supermarket, Andia discovered a dog without the owner, and she named it Dai Qian with the name of the supermarket. Dai Qian helped the lonely Andya and many of the people in the town made friends, making people who had indifferent relationships in the town became more friendly with each other, and also changed her tension between her and her father. The film was screened as the opening film at the Hitland Film Festival last year and won the special achievement award of the Film Festival. The film is changed based on the best -selling novel of the same name "because Wen Dai Qian". The film tells the audience a very warm story caused by a puppy: lonely ten -year -old girl Oper (Anna Sophia Luo Bo) was abandoned by her mother when she was three years old. She had to live with a priest's father (Jeff Daniels) with herself. The shadow was left in the soul. Later, the father and daughter fell into a small town in Florida. The town is very dull, and the residents seem to forget how to communicate. Whether they are happy or sad, people's behavior can even be described as "weird". The residents in the town seemed to be indifferent to them, and neighbors had no relationship with them. And because Little Oper is a "newcomer", the children in the town are not willing to play with her. Little Oper was very lonely, and she felt that the residents in the town lacked some vitality and happiness. On a silent night, Little Oper lay on the bed, praying for God to give her a friend ...

    "Cat and Dog War"
    Since the history of human beings raising pets, the world The cats and dogs on the top are the deadly opponents of not wearing the sky, and the fighting between them has never stopped. As the dominant humans, I do n’t know. In fact, the cunning cats have long been ambitious to occupy the earth. They have passed on the development of various technologies and weapons for generations. Every time dogs always fell to the cat's crazy plan, I am afraid that humans have been replaced by cats. So the cats regarded the dogs as nails in their eyes, waiting for the opportunity to put the other party to death, completely removed.
    In said, one day, a human scientist successfully developed a vaccine that specializes in treating allergic diseases. It can be imagined that if this vaccine is put into use, it is undoubtedly a good for those who love puppy but suffer from allergies. News, but for cats, humming ... They are afraid that there are too many dogs in this world, which will affect their plans to rule the earth. Therefore, under the planning of a cat called "Ding Dang", the cat decided to decide At the expense of all costs, destroy the vaccine, and at this time a puppy "Lu" raised by a scientist accidentally learned this carefully prepared conspiracy, so with the help of several other dogs with different personalities, a "" The war of "destroying" and "anti -destruction" started. For a while, the claws flew, and the cat jumped. Who was the final deer? I don't need to ask, if the cats have won, can we still sit in the cinema and watch this movie?

    2006 Domestic New Year's film "Abao's Story"
    This dog, a well -trained dog Abao, lives happily and calmly with the owner who loves him, in their community Dog -colored dog neighbors. Until one day Abao met the dog sister Jiajia, and Abao couldn't help falling in love, and began a romantic love life with Jiajia. But all this was broken with the appearance of a stray dog. Jiajia was attracted by the wandering life described by the stray dog, and he left Abao and the owner to experience the stimulus of stray. Abao left his home in order to find Jiajia. Jiajia, who walked out of the house, soon found that the wandering was not as interesting as imagined. It is difficult to leave the owner's life and danger. In the process of looking for Jiajia, Abao experienced thousands of risks. Finally, with the help of stray dogs, he rescued Jiajia from the dog dealer and restarted their happy life.

    "Jue Eight Degree"
    In order to search for a mysterious meteorite falling on Antarctic Island, a exploration team composed of three scientists started their Antarctic adventure journey. The adventure team includes Jerry Charoder (Paul Walker), his best friend Kuper (Jason Bigz), and a weird American geologist (Bruce Greenwood). Going to Antarctica to investigate the adventure, of course, the special tool for walking on the snow -sled, and people's loyal partners, sled dogs. In addition, these eight "savvy and capable" sled dogs have their own titles and titles like their human companions: the leader "Maya", the loyal "dwarf", the honest "old Jack", and the strong " Truman "shadow" and "shadow" and so on. The snow -covered land covered by the beginning of the Antarctica, the expeditions were attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of them. The environment will bring them more and more troubles, and even a great challenge to survival. Sure enough, after a few days in the dog's sled, they encountered an unprecedented snowstorm, and the temperature naturally decreased sharply. The players are naturally insufficient to prepare the situation in front of them. In the meantime, a more dangerous scene also happened "in a timely manner" -one of them accidentally stepped on the thin ice and fell into the biting ice water. Fortunately, the brave sled dog helped to send the rope in time to send the rope to send the rope in time In the hands of the falling team, the teammates pulled it out of the danger. However, the sudden violent snowstorm in front of him really couldn't avoid it. Regardless of their way forward, the lives of several people have also received serious threats. In desperation, the players who saw the increasingly fierce of Fengxue could only be forced to give up the partners along the way -the sled dog and let them escape. The abandoned sled dogs desperately took off the rope to escape from the avalanche. In order to survive, they struggled to rely on each other to fight against the cold and snow, but also fighting with a large seal in order to fill their stomachs. At this time, the eight sled dogs are like a good brother on the front line of life and death, supporting each other. The three -person of the expedition finally returned to the base safely, but the scene where the sled dogs were desperately moving forward in the snow and ice kept entangled in them. Finally, the condemnation of conscience was not enough, and the three people decided at the same time that no matter what danger they were, they had to save their loyal partners from the ice and snow ...

  2. "Dog's Heart", Japan's, is very interesting, describing a few funny or touching stories in the tone of the dog.

    "Good Dog Male", French film, is a work a few years ago, which is very interesting. The content of the story tells the protagonist's girlfriend to go to foreign countries, and hand over her dog to the protagonist. The protagonist is a star trader; helplessly wants to watch the dog "Di Di Tsai" on behalf of his girlfriend. One day thunderstorms, Didi Tsai became humans, and it became a star of the protagonist. The story is easy, and the relationship between the protagonist and the dog is also described, especially the end.

    The Korean film human dog strange trailer online watching "Human Dog Strange" tells the story of human and dogs.

    The movie version of "Naughty Antan" is very loyal to the character characteristics of the original work. Of course, it must not be the best playmate of Adan-Rufi. Rufu is a large mutton dog. In the film, it is inseparable from the lively little owner. Wherever he goes, it will create a chaos, which will cause adults to hurt their brains. Long dog hair covers her eyes. Pet characters.

    "102 spots dogs" American movie: bad woman Kuilla served in prison for three years. It will not have any relationship with animal fur. However, she seems to be unable to say. Again a fur coat of Damaicho Dog. With the help of French clothing designers, Kurara re -applied his old skills, and the two joined hands to hurt the heavens. Today, the Damaicho dog with no spots in the body -mobs can save everyone.

    Disney "The Story of Big Stupid Dog": Stupid Dog Tycoon Gao Fei is too busy, it strives to use gliding machines to realize the dream of soaring in the sky; learn various sailor skills to travel around the world to travel around the world ; Practicing dancing to become the masters of dance forests who admire the worship at the dance party. However, Gao Feixou still did not die. This time, he chose to bet on horses. According to the professional counterpart knowledge of horse racing, he chose a unpopular horse Lao Mo. Lao Mo really burst into the eyes and fell below the expert's eyes to win the championship for Gao Fei dog. Essence It seems that Gao Feixou's efforts are not in vain!

    The dog movies may be much seen, but this is a festival record, called "Jingle Dogs" every Christmas, must be taken out. It is the indispensable music of Party! Intersection The main voice is a group of dogs, and the sound is also a group of dogs. Among them, there is a well -known Christmas song. Every Christmas will be sold out of the market, singing Christmas songs with dogs will be a very interesting thing. This Christmas may try.

  3. Yes, Antarctica Adventure. Dogs will save people. It is a touching story that happened in the Antarctic: a person, who raised 8 dogs at home: old Jack, Maya, Xiao Bao, Max ... They want to take a plane to the city. However, the load of the plane is limited. They cannot take the dog home, so they have to stay here, and they can only be taken away in spring. Three months later, the man took away the dogs, of which, the old Jack was buried; one of the twins fell to death; Maya was bitten by the fierce golden seal, almost frozen to death, and finally not dead. Maya is the captain. I hope you can like this movie ~~

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