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  1. As a special product, the sales of pets have always been the focus of controversy. It is said that a healthy puppy is difficult to distinguish when buying. In terms of rights protection, blind supervision cannot rely on laws and regulations. However, as pets, you should be certified by quarantine and public security. For large breeding or sales bases, you must also apply for dogs only management licenses. Therefore, many merchants who sell pet dogs choose not to apply for business licenses or over -range services.
    So if you buy a sick dog, you can complain and report to quarantine, public security and other departments and its consumer associations. In this case, of course, you can complain because of a contract at hand. There is no problem with police lawsuits. First, keep your dog's medical records sick. This is a powerful evidence. The seller will definitely come back unless he runs.
    Finally, please remind most dog enthusiasts: If you want to buy a reliable dog, in addition to mastering relevant knowledge, it is best to perform small viruses and dog tests on the spot. In addition, the two parties can formulate agreements, such as ensuring the health of dogs during the warranty period.

    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-rights protection

  2. Then find a merchant, coordinate, and complain if you do n’t do it well. Nowadays, the merchants are really angry. If the complaint is complained, the website will deduct his money. Even if he does not recognize the account, it will make him lose. Return

  3. When you buy a sick dog online, contact the merchant. If the merchant ignores you, you will go to this website to complain about the merchant.

  4. The dogs you buy online will get sick in a short time. If these life crisis, you can take videos to communicate with the merchant to see how he solves it? If the merchant gives you a certain amount of compensation, it can also be, otherwise you go to Taobao to complain on Taobao. He complained that he sells some mergers and acquisitions. If the time is long, then it will not be solved. I'm unlucky

  5. If you buy a sick dog online, I want to be a dog lovers, and you should take the dog to heal as soon as possible, because if you send the dog back again, the dog will probably die on the way to the express. It is not very humane for us.

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