5 thoughts on “Which dogs seem to be good, the actual combat effectiveness is strong?”

  1. In fact, dogs gambling look at face good, but many dogs have a temper;

    1. Chow Chow; everyone in pet shops knows that Chow Chow is the only one who laughed and bite you with a smile. Dogs, and every time I have a fierce mouth, I wo n’t leave you any room for you; looking at it and cute and cute, in fact, I do n’t have a threatening to bite people. , Typical dogs with strong combat power;

    2. Bull head stalks; the body structure of bull head stalks is strong and muscles are very developed; Two dogs fight, once they bite each other's neck, they will never be loose, even if they are killed, they will not give up; the character of the bullfighting stalk is not suitable for raising at home and is easily bitten. If you raise your family, you must be trained from an early age, and pay more attention;

    3. Bullfighting; It is also a warm man in front of the owner; but the fighting is not ambiguous at all. With his strong physique, developed muscles, although not big, but the fight does not admit defeat, the combat power is strong; Golden Mao is the most prestigious warm man, but warmth is only for human beings. It is still very powerful to treat similar combat effectiveness. In an era when German Mu is not so unbearable, there is a golden retriever famous for dedicated to Germany. There is no soft persimmons, the rough and thick endurance of the gold wool, as long as you are willing to let him fight, then it is definitely a city! In other words, Lala also belongs to this.

    5. Alaska, the biggest head of the three silly sleds, is known for its mental retardation, but don't forget the endurance of this sled All factors of fighting dogs, of course, are pet dogs in the city, but they have always been used by Ara as a bouquet of fighting dogs. Comes with armor. Large head armor = congenital advantage!

    6. St. Bernard dog, another big warm man, mountain rescue dog, this product is larger than Allah, thicker, stronger combat effectiveness , I have seen a super cow, but the mouth is the best. Special funny.

    In fact, each dog has its own personality. There are many dogs on the surface very cute, but they are very powerful. Alaska like a docal dog, if you have a bad temper, no one can let anyone fight, the surface is cute, and no one can lose the actual combat effectiveness;

  2. The Chinese pastoral dog, also known as Turkey, usually looks good and cute, and the fighting power is really fighting. An adult can not fight.

  3. Chow Dog, Shiba Inu. The chosal dog looks very thick and cute. In fact, the fighting power is very light. Although the Shiba Inu is very cute, it is actually a hunting dog. The combat power is very strong.

  4. Golden retriever bite is very bad. Shiba Inu is not polite to the same kind. Alaska seems to be stupid and actually loves other dogs. Chow Chow has endurance.

  5. Sali dog. The Shape dog is a Chinese native dog breed. Its puppies are full of folds. Even when they grow up, they have a lot of wrinkles on their faces. The overall feeling looks like a very thick and good dog.

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