4 thoughts on “Do people know why dogs eat leaves?”

  1. Some dogs will bite weeds and sediment, which is caused by insufficient vegetables. If a dog only eats animal protein such as meat, liver, fat, etc., the digestive ability of the stomach will deteriorate.

    The secretion of gastric acid increases and has a nausea, and even spit out yellow sticky foam. Not only that, but also constipation, as well as the mucous membrane of the gums and microvascular bleeding of the skin, and the vascular accumulation due to cholesterol accumulation can easily lead to cerebral hemorrhage.

    It also has a significant impact on the bones. Due to calcium precipitation in the bone tissue, the part will be fever. There is no way to recover, and the reason for these reasons is derived from the lack of vegetables.

    For the above reasons, when you feed vegetables and fruits for love dogs and are rejected, you should not be discouraged. It eats.

    Is, although carrots are rich in vitamin A and carotene, but cook after chopping, it is easy to discharge with feces. Essence
    The fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is the most effective for dogs infected with high -thermal infectious diseases in infection.

  2. There are two cases of dogs eating leaves:
    . Lack of some trace elements in the body, it will be supplemented with grass or leaves;
    . Pure fun (my golden retriever Wang likes to pick up dead tree leaves to eat to eat , I spit it out as soon as I stared, making people quite speechless).

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