1 thought on “What is the stone used in the Xuxiu Mountain of the Royal Garden? Where is it?”

  1. Han Baiyu, Xiu Xiu Mountain, Ming said that he was embroidered in the mountains. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, it was renamed the Daixiu Mountain. It was located on the northeast side of the northern part of the Middle East and Qin'an Hall of the Palace Museum. The Daixiu Mountain is a artificial rockery. The entire mountain is piled up by strange stones. The Mountainsmiths call this method as "Daixiu style", so it is named.
    This Xiu Shan was built in the Ming Dynasty. When the building was not built, the original Ming Dynasty building viewed flower hall was not built. In the eleventh year of Wanli (AD 1583), Feng Shenzong Zhu Xijun's life was demolished and changed it on the basis of the same year. Building the mountains, the stack of Taihu stone is 14 meters high. There is a pavilion on the top of the mountain, called the Royal Jing Pavilion, and the square plane square four corners. Xiyuan is in the eyes. Shanbei is about 10m high.
    The voucher cave door in the middle of the top of the stone mountain, and there is a plaque entitled "Du Xiu" on the door of the cave door. caisson. The names of "Yujing Pavilion" and "Du Xiu" are given by the Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty still retains the old name of the Ming Dynasty. The existing plaque is made by the Qing Dynasty. There is also the word "cloud root" inscribed by Emperor Qianlong on the east mountain foot of the mountain.

    . Although the stacking mountain is a stacked rockery, the craftsmen carefully designed and cleverly use Taihu stone with different sizes and shapes. On the ground, the ground rose into the air, and the barrier became a strange stone, the steep rocks of the rocks, and some stones on the mountain exactly like the "zodiac" of chickens, dogs, pigs, monkeys, horses, and rabbits. Or standing, different attitudes, attracting people to figure out speculation, therefore adding the interest of viewing.

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