What's the matter with the dog's hind legs?

My dog ​​does not know if it is an external force. Now the hind legs cannot stand, the neck is leaning back, and the wisdom is clear.

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  1. My dog ​​couldn't stand up inexplicably, and the hind leg seemed to be paralyzed again what caused this. My dog ​​is a grass dog.

  2. Main reasons:
    . External force-dog fracture. When the dog is hit by the outside world, the collision, jumping down from the height is likely to cause fractures, mainly manifested as the injured leg dare not to the ground.
    . joint dislocation-including direct external and indirect external forces caused joint ligaments and joint capsules to be destroyed and dislocated joints. Make the dogs walk normally.
    . Spinal injury-spinal injury caused by external force or disc herniation. Most of the elderly Jingba dogs occur. It is manifested as the hind limbs cannot walk or paralyzed.
    This solution:

    1. A good doctor needs to do system testing and confirmation to perform treatment!
    Reference medication:
    In joints, cartilantin, compliance with vitamin B classes, ogurin.
    The care method:
    1. Warm
    When the dog's body is not in time, its body temperature may decrease. You should provide your dog with a comfortable pad and slightly warm thermos bottle according to the veterinarian advice.
    2. Supplement of water
    The dogs in the recovery period must supplement a large amount of liquid every day to supplement the moisture from urine, face, and breathing. In general, the veterinarian will tell you how much water it needs every day. If it doesn't want to drink, you can use a spoon and straw from the side of the mouth.
    3. Treat the sick dogs to eat
    The advice of veterinarian, you should provide as much attractive food as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, dogs' appetite is stimulated by odor. Foods with temperature between room temperature and body temperature are most likely to release fragrance and stimulate the dog's sense of smell. Please do not give it food that can cause diarrhea, but also consider the dog's hobbies for food.
    4. bedsore
    For dogs with large body, overweight weight can cause bedsores. Bringing the diseased parts such as elbows, and at the same time use a dedicated skin care cream to soften bedsores every day.

  3. How big is it. How long have you raised in your house? Have you ever happened beforehand? Where do you usually live? What is the main food? What does it mean to feed on your mouth?
    ? ???
    The information you provides insufficient information.
    The situation in your situation that happened in the dog just bought home. The hind legs were weak
    Swalking unstable
    R n belongs to calcium deficiency bone dysplasia.
    The bad food when I was a kid and too many cages. You can make up for it during development.
    . If you become a dog, you can go to the veterinary hospital for testing. If the hip bone and legs are not developed, you can only correct it.
    , but this is not necessarily the reason. Information
    The calcium deficiency .. Puppies do not feed animal internal organs
    This problems are not just calcium deficiency ....
    , and dog calcium intake of dog food is originally Insufficient ..
    did you not say what dogs are.
    Now I suggest: large dogs change dog food to eat, it is recommended that the royal young or middle -aged and young. I am more familiar with this dog food. Add calcium powder. After 2-3 months of sexual maturity, remove calcium powder. Pure dog food.
    Small dogs feed dog food, royal little young. But it can be fed for 5 months. . Add calcium powder. Symptoms disappear for 1 month. Remove calcium powder pure dog food.
    usually bring out more to run. For the development of the feet, it will not loosen
    If it feels that the dog food is more expensive, it is more expensive. It is also possible to feed. But if you feed, large dogs are recommended to accompany calcium powder for life.
    Small dogs are casual, you can regularly feed some dogs with calcium tablets.
    n Try not to feed people food. Large dogs 10 months ago, small dogs do not feed hard bones and animal internal organs 8-9 months.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe reason for answering the paralysis of the dog's hind legs mainly includes external force and genetic factors. First, external force, dogs are paralyzed due to external injuries such as collision, injury, external force hit, bite, etc. Second, disease factors, such as rheumatism, neurological diseases, joint diseases, skeletal diseases, etc. are paralyzed. Third, the lack of nutrients and other reasons may also cause the dog's hind legs to paralysis.

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am Zhang Qiaoqiao, a national practicing veterinarian, and I will solve the problem for you next. Please try to introduce pet species, age, gender, vaccination, insect repellent, existing symptoms, etc. Special reminder: Baidu consultation is a roller reply, you can only send "6 times you want to say"nWhat are the causes of hind limbs paralysis?nAsk the two years old, the male dog, the dog in the countryside has no vaccine and no deworming. Now the two hind legs are paralyzed by the car because of the car. Now the spirit is very good.nI was hit by a car, and now I am very good, but walking with two hind legs on walking bloodnHow long have you been hit? IntersectionnIn other words, is it impossible to perform skeletal surgery for dogs?nOr you can look at the kind of car paralysis of hind limbs. You should sell it online. You can refer to itnI have been asking for more than half a year, and I have only returned to my hometown today. There are no pet hospitals in the countryside. Nowadays, family members say that long pain is not as good as short pain. The elderly at home are at home. I ca n’t sleep that kind of dogs to sleep. The old man is not very willing. Let it continue to live so miserable or pain is not as long as short pain?nThe answer is also very energetic anyway.nYou can consult the place where local stray animals are collected to see if anyone can adopt care and may need to paynMore 8nBleak

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