1 thought on “Property notice of how to manage dog breeding in the community”

  1. Example:
    respectable owners (residents):
    Recently, the Management Office has continuously received a number of complaints about dog breeding in the community: on the road, on the grass, on the grass, and the elevator, there are often dogs of dogs, which affects the living environment and beautifying environment of the owners of the community. The staff of the Management Office found and asked the owner of the dog, and unanimously denied what they did.
    The owner has the right to voluntarily raise dogs. According to the "Regulations on Restricting Dogs in Hefei City", in order to regulate the public order in this community, please read and do it:
    1. Certificate in accordance with the law. And regularly injected rabies for dogs. In order to ensure the safety of the personal property of other owners of the community;
    2. Please use the traction rope when walking out of the dog. When there is no one around, the traction rope can be released; And properly handle (such as a proper wrap and a trash can with a newspaper or rubber bag);
    4. A positive attitude of correct cooperation to undertake all the consequences caused by accidental management puppies, such as biting others;
    5. Homorious neighbor and friendship, do not allow puppies to disturb the neighbors;
    6. Large dogs are prohibited in the community. (There are clear stipulation in Hefei City: large dogs are prohibited within the second ring ring)
    It to create a harmonious and shared green home environment, please consciously abide by the above prompts to raise a dog with dogs.

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