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  1. In order to maintain a good image and order, ensure people's health and personal safety, and prevent dogs from hurting people, it is forbidden to raise dogs in some areas.
    Is to prohibit dog breeding from Fan Wen,
    Recently, some places in our city have raised dogs to become windy, and evil dogs have injured people. In some places, rabies have been found, which endangers the lives of the people's lives. In order to ensure the safety of the people's lives and property and maintain social tranquility, the announcement of the problem of dog breeding is as follows:

    . The city of Panlong, Wuhua, and the suburbs of the city, county (district) and towns are located , Suburban industrial and mining areas, landscape tourism areas, and suburban rabies disease areas are prohibited from raising dogs. For a small number of people who need to be raised due to the work of guards and scientific research, they shall be immuniced and registered with the public security department by the local sanitary epidemic prevention or agricultural veterinary department within ten days after the release of this announcement, and the circle (tie) will be implemented.

    . Units and individuals who are prohibited from raising dogs should be killed by themselves within ten days after the release of this notice. Those who do not deal with them within the time limit shall organize special personnel to murder the public security, urban management, and health and epidemic prevention departments to cooperate with the district, township, office, and neighborhood committees. If the dog raised is fined 10-20 yuan, if it violates the regulations on public security management, it shall be handled in accordance with the regulations on security management.

    . Dogs raising dogs in the district of Yuanjiao County, in principle, the circle (tie) is implemented, and the local agricultural veterinary department is performed in the local agricultural veterinary department to perform rabies immune injections.

    5. Each region should do a good job of prevention and prevention, and resolutely prevent rabies from occurring. The place where rabies occur should be reported to the epidemic prevention department. If mortal animals are bitten by dogs, they should be sent to the hospital or veterinary station for treatment in time, and the dog breeders should be held accountable.

    . 6. The announcement of the announcement will be implemented from the date of announcement.


    The month of the month
    About the prohibition of dog breeding samples 2
    XX business enterprises:

    Recently It is found that the phenomenon of raising dogs in the market has raised it again. Although the market has been banned three or five applications, some companies are still doing their best, and some even threaten neighboring enterprises. The Ministry of Security will make a comprehensive cleanup of the dog from now on. Please ask the dog's operator to deal with it by themselves. A fine of 100 yuan will be punished. If no one claims, the stray dog ​​will be treated.

    XX Plaza Co., Ltd. Security Department

    In May 24th
    About the prohibition of dog breeding samples three
    And order, ensure the health and personal safety of teachers and students, and prevent dogs from hurting people. According to the "Lishui City Dog Management Regulations" chapter 6 of Article 6 of the school, stations, docks, parks, parks, shopping malls, cinema, exhibition halls, gymnasiums and other public places, as well as important office and service places in public places Dogs; Chapter 3: The sixth chapter 6 shall not bring dogs to the area of ​​the city and district people's governments. The spirit of important office, services, and public agglomeration places such as gymnasiums will prohibit anyone from raising dogs and walking dogs on campus from the date of the announcement.

    The violation of the acting of the dogs and the dog walking dogs, anyone has the right to criticize, dissuade them, and report to the school's security office or the city's urban management administrative law enforcement department, and handle it in accordance with relevant regulations.

    Report telephone:

    XX College Security Office

    May 30th
    n XX dormitory 9 buildings 1-2-2 Residents:

    You to raise dogs in the community, dogs are urinating everywhere and can hurt people at any time. While destruction, it has also brought harm and influence to people's health, especially at night dog calls make people unable to sleep. The surrounding residents are miserable, reflecting strongly, and seriously disrupting the residents' life order. In order to create a harmonious, beautiful, comfortable, clean, and tidy living environment for the residents of the community, please deal with the dogs within three days, otherwise the victims will take strict experience or sue to the relevant law enforcement departments in accordance with the law. At the time of the consequences.

    It No. 2 residents on the first floor strongly require you to remove the sheds built behind her room within three days. The consequences are on the notice of prohibiting dog breeding.

    The special announcement

    The resident signature

    year month day

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