1 thought on “How can the dogs upstairs bark the people in the group?”

  1. The dogs upstairs can be sent to the people, and who is hungry who is hungry. Let's talk about this on the side. In fact, it is not recommended to send it in the group. You can solve it privately.
    1. Go directly to the owner's house to communicate with the dog owner to allow it to abide by the dog raising specifications in this area; I feel that the dogs in the neighbor's house bother to disturb their rest in the middle of the night. Let the owners control their own dogs and see if the owner accepts communication. The more unreasonable owners will still pay attention to raising dogs. 2. Reminder that it can be invalidated to respond to the property or neighborhood committee, and let the staff talk to the feed owner to talk to the resolution; after reminding the owner to still respond to the property or the neighborhood committee, let the staff talk to the owner to discuss solutions. If If you do n’t work at a time, you will frequently respond to the neighborhood committee with several neighbors that are also disturbed by dogs and urge them to come to handle together. 3. Can directly alarm or call the mayor hotline 12345, city message board complaints, etc.; If the neighborhood committee and property cannot control the owner, you can directly call the alarm telephone, the mayor hotline 12345, or the relevant complaint on the city's message board to allow law enforcement to enforce law enforcement The department will handle it. It is required to check whether the dog's certificate is qualified, and some areas have clear requirements for dog breeding. For example, whether the dog variety is a prohibited dog, whether the pet epidemic prevention certificate is effective, whether the pet vacation is vaccinated on time. 4. Buy an infrared dog drive (bark) on the balcony. The dog barking more than three or more dogs will send an ultrasonic report to scare the dog. If you ask for help for others, you can only find a way to solve it yourself. You can buy an infrared dog drive at the door or balcony. Select the location to install according to the dog barking direction. Generally, the dog barks more than three or more, which will promote the alarm to a ultrasound alarm. Dogs let the dog have a banned. Persist in "hurting each other" with the dog owner for a few days, and the other party also felt the harassment of noise and waited for him to come to negotiate.
    In the reason why the dog calls. 1. Do not use the reward method to stop it from calling. Most dog owners' first reactions to hear the dog screaming are scolding it to stop. If you use food or touching it at this time, it will think that it is correct. Dogs will think what is correct and wrong by observing the owner's behavior. So when it keeps calling, don't let it look at it, it is important to keep silent. You can't slap him or kick it. At this time, you should study the dog bark caused by what is caused. (1) Strive to remain silent. Don't touch it, don't talk to it, or look at it silently. It will continue to observe your reaction when it comes to it. At this time, you should not pay attention to it. If you have nothing to do with it, it may stop. This trick has been verified by some dog owners, which is very effective. (2) When the dog is quiet, you can reward it. If it starts to call again, you have to stop the reward immediately. (3) It is difficult for the first time, especially the establishment of the "Calling and Following" model for a long time. When the dog starts to call, you better do your own business quietly. If you can't stand the dog's cry, go out for a walk or enter the bedroom to close the door. Once you ignore it, it will keep calling and even more vigorous. 2. Separate the dog from what it calls. If it is because people or other dogs are closer to the dog, pulling hundreds of windows or curtains, put the dog alone in a room. After a period of time, it was tired of something, and it was not screaming.

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