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  1. It must be a cage welded. As for which type of network use, Tibetan mastiff is usually large and fierce, so if you want to be strong, you can use the Maggie.com, that is, the diamond -shaped anti -theft net on the window, you can choose thicker silk welding. In view of the fierce nature of the Tibetan mastiff, the fierce nature of the Tibetan mastiff can be It is best to use net fillets up and down, which can be welded, or it can be made into the same structure as inserting. The lid above can be a separate mesh. After the lid is covered, you can choose to leave the door. The following is the reference diagram (the thickness of the silk and the hole is customized)

  2. do it yourself? Find a welding worker to welded a large cage! Wood or fine iron cannot be closed ... but the Tibetan mastiff is large ~ long body hair ~ more secretions ~ heavy body taste! Fully fell! Cleaning is troublesome! And you need a lot of exercise ~ have a personality without relatives ~ Fierce ~ Not suitable for home such as living houses in the urban area ~~ Families in the suburbs or yard in the countryside are more suitable for raising! Many people think that the Tibetan mastiff is fierce and the wind is fierce ~~ It is blown out ~~ The high price is outrageous ~~ Some people buy it with a nest without knowing it! It didn't take long for it to find that it was not suitable at all ... Especially the southern friends ~~ Tibetan mastiffs do not meet the climate here ~~ The air here is humid and hot ~~ Dirty things are easy to deteriorate ~~ Tibetan mastiff is easy to get skin disease! Drop a long ringworm ~~ You can't recognize it after a few years! And it is easy to get sick and die ... I am from Zhejiang! It does not rule out that the individual care is particularly good and the conditions are particularly suitable ... I have never seen a beautiful and healthy Tibetan mastiff that can be raised smoothly here ...

  3. The Tibetan mastiff is fierce and strong. If the cage must be strong, go to the building materials market to buy steel bars. If you want to be strong, use steel bars. Find a good welder to weld it.

  4. I suggest not to use a cage ~ Find the roots of the roots to pour the cement on the ground. Use an iron chain to hold the dog. Just take a canopy on it! Intersection

  5. Find a welder, make a coarse reinforcement, and simple, nail the dog chain directly to the ground, and then build a dog house with wood

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