What materials do you use for a dog cage

What materials are resistant to corrosion, relatively strong, and affordable. Essence Essence Is aluminum resistant to corrosion, what is the price of aluminum?

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  1. Dog cages can be made with stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials.
    This stainless steel or aluminum alloy material is slightly higher but light and durable. There are almost stainless iron and iron plating, cheap. These refer to the finished products for small or medium -sized dogs on the market. Like large dogs or traditional steel cages.
    Extension information:
    The introduction to the aluminum metal of dog cages:
    silver white light metal. There is ductility. Commodities are often made of rods, sheets, foils, powder, band -shaped and filaments. A layer of oxide film that prevent metal corrosion can be formed in humid air. Aluminum powder can be burned violently in the air and emits dazzling white flames. It is easy to dissolve in dilute sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide solution, which is difficult to dissolve in water.

  2. You can use triangular iron welding to make a framework.
    The steel bars (in diameter depends on the specific situation, generally 1 cm can be used) welding to make shielding.
    It to prevent rain, you can add top sheds. Including the above materials can be changed flexibly.

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