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  1. The Japanese tip dog (detail introduction)
    It what to do if the dog eats what to vomit, it is easier to see this problem in the process of raising the dog. There are many reasons for this situation. If you eat too much things, indigestion will cause this problem for a while. So how should we solve this problem? This depends on the severity of the situation.
    Me a moderate amount of dogs. When eating dogs eating too much, it is best to take the dog out to exercise after meals, but don't be too fierce. The most taboo is to let the dog run. The result is that the dog will not stand because it can't stand it. Phenomenon of vomiting. It is best to spread the dogs, and slowly like humans to eat and spread digestive foods. It is best to keep it for a long distance, so as to help the dog digest, so as not to appear what the dog eats.
    Chage a good eating habit. Many dogs do not know hunger and full, and the owner who does not know how to feed the dog has caused the dog to eat. In daily life, we must help dogs to develop good eating habits. Even dogs do not eat so much at one time. In addition, when you vomit the dogs, hungry it for a while to see the effect.
    If the distribution of diet is more reasonable, then it is generally not possible to eat and vomit. If this happens, then you will be hungry for a while. It is best to take it to the hospital for observation.

  2. The gastrointestinal development of the puppy is not sound, some things cannot be absorbed, and it is easy to vomit and thin. If the dog's mental condition is okay, you can buy some gastrointestinal treasures. However, if the mental condition is poor, if you continue to eat, and your nose is dry, you must pay attention to it, which may be a virus infection. I will go to the pet hospital for examination and treatment! It is best to focus on dog food, and do not feed other foods for the time being.

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