4 thoughts on “Can pet cats and dogs do virus quarantine?”

  1. Can.
    icidal vaccine is the main measure to prevent dog -cat viral diseases, and play a greater role in the prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases. However, the antibody detected during serum testing is difficult to distinguish whether it is vaccine or infected with virus. Therefore, the importance of pathogenic testing is increasingly valued by people. Although glue gold test cardboard can provide rapid diagnosis, it is impossible to provide an accurate diagnosis basis for the early diagnosis of the disease and the premium requirements. For diseases that need to be used for blood coating and feces, due to strong subjectivity, it is easy to produce omissions. Therefore, PCR nucleic acid detection can provide an objective diagnosis basis.
    biog T16 fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument is the latest real -time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system launched by the American laboratory's advanced technology. The nucleic acid amplification efficiency, stable performance, and excellent detection sensitivity, is an ideal choice for various nucleic acids and gene detection.
    If in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture's "2013 State Animal Epidemic Disease Monitoring and Popular Disease Survey Plan", and the current national standard of pet disease diagnosis of pet diseases in my country issued the "Drop Diagnosis Technology (GB/T27533-2011)" The national technical standards of "Diabing Diagnosis Technology (GB/T27532-2011)", which clearly use the detection of small viruses and canine plague virus nucleic acid test (instead of test strip card detection) as diagnostic standards. It can be seen that the country's diagnosis of pet disease has gradually been standardized, and related national standards have been formulated, and it also shows that nucleic acid testing will play a more important role in the diagnosis of animal epidemic.

  2. Pet virus test first checks the blood routine. High white blood cells indicate inflammation, and inflammation first. If the cat has symptoms such as cough, cold, sneezing, tears, etc., it is respiratory disease and cat nose. Low white blood cells should consider checking cat plague cat leukemia and cat AIDS

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