5 thoughts on “What is the name of the puppy?”

  1. Yuanyuan, Xiaoco, Rui Rui, ball. u003Cstrong
    Mi Fei, fat, kawaii, Beibei, chocolate, Lulu, Taotao, ice cream, watermelon, Xiaomi roll, cola, cooking, bubbles, eggs, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu Card, Habi, Huahua, Lily, Lazy, Hey, Huami, Xiaoxin.
    This, leftovers, Binguo, Ding Ding, Stinky, Eunzuo, Prince Lulu, Wild Wolf, Wind Tiger, Awa, Meow Meow, Qiangzi, Beta, Charlie, Sisi, laugh Laughing, beautiful buds think, jam, black babies.
    Mi Fei, Kawaii (called the cute Baby Mifi) Beibei, your little baby flowers, Hu Cong, Hu Bean, Pink Panel, Ding Ding, Dangdang Bao meat, meat egg baby, dog eggs, big models, maple maple, large Lai, Feifei, Xiaomai.

  2. Sugar, Baylor, Minnie, etc.
    we can choose to use the names in some nice stories as the name of the dog. For example, such a name is: laziness, circle, small dreams, tea, Ayao, Fa, fairy, etc. It is difficult to see that many of the nice dog names are mainly stacking words. This is a good way to name dogs. The name is nice and eloquent, and it looks as cute as animation.
    It the name of dogs according to the characteristics of the dog, which is a very common way to name the dog.

  3. The name of the puppy, in fact, can match his name based on some words you like, or some of the words that you like to call.
    Because every one can wash some small pets. But pay attention to personal hygiene aspects. The government has some laws and regulations that protect animals, protect animals or manage animals.
    So what is the name of the puppy?
    I think it can be fun, such as Doudou. This name is also very cute. It is also suitable for a puppy.
    of course, you can also call other names, as long as you like it, and what about it? It is full of a very cheerful situation.

  4. Getting the name of the dog depends on the owner's personal hobby ~~ My dog ​​is called "Belu" because it is a black dog. So when pulling out and walking, someone always asked your dog's name? Xiao Hei? At that time, I felt so embarrassed ~~
    The dogs around friends are called "Huanhuan", "Lele", "Dot", "Ball" or something ~~
    It makes it easier for dogs to remember ~ but I always feel that the stress is a bit popular ~~ Well ~ This depends on the personal ~

    It is to keep dogs paying attention not to let him contact the outside dog ~~ My Belu was just fine two days ago ~~

  5. What kind of expectations for puppy to be named. I hope he will always be with you, you can be called; I hope that he is happy every day and can be called Yuexin; I hope he will bring good luck to himself, you can call Shunyi. But there are also all the desires above, which can be called Yiwei.

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