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  1. The problems that urban dogs need to consider are: non -raising varieties, breeding space, dog -raising, walking time and daily difficult to take care of them.
    . Dog breed suitable for urban raising 1. Small dog breed
    teddy, VIPs, Bomei, Yorkshine, Sherry, Chihuahua, Little Deer, Fa Dou, Big Board, Biger, Biger Dogs, Jack Russell Stills, Ah Brother Dog, Charlie Knight Hound.
    The advantages of small dogs: beautiful, cute, sticky, small demand for space, small food, easy to take care, easy to carry out and carry.
    Small dog disadvantages: Dogs lack a sense of security, small courage, easy to bark to disturb the neighbors, require more companionship and sound forbidden training.
    Comprehensive suggestions: Small dogs are the first choice for urban dogs, especially suitable for girls.
    2, large and medium -sized dog breed
    Corki, border shepherd, Shiba Inu, Skunle, Chow Dog, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Samoyed Dog, British Bulls, Sausal Dog , Happy Pedician, Coca Dog, Australian Shepherd.
    The advantages of large and medium -sized dogs: mighty domineering, security, docile, like children.
    Disadvantages of large and medium -sized dogs: large demand for breeding space, more eating, large exercise, and difficult to walk dogs.
    It small living space, it is recommended to raise a highly alert small and medium -sized dog. It is easy to take care of it everyday, and it is easy to walk dogs, and it can also issue danger -in warnings, such as: Shineri, Corgi, and Big.
    . The problem that the dog needs to pay attention to is novice to raise dogs. Fresh energy will feel trouble and tired in the past.
    macole is generally disobedient, which will cause a lot of trouble and even affect life.
    So must be fully prepared before raising dogs. It is not just fun, and there are many troubles.
    1. The fun and feelings of raising dogs
    This dogs will not feel lonely. When you think that a little cute at home is waiting for you to take care, your heart is full of sense of responsibility and love.
    The dogs can not only play with you, but also accompany you sadness, comfort you, and smooth the fluctuation emotions.
    If you live in a person, you are very secure at night, and you will not be afraid.
    2. The influence of dog breeding on life
    The dogs will feel very busy, almost turning around dogs, training, walking dogs, grooming, and often cleaning.
    Is when dogs are not obedient, it will make you feel irritable.
    Most small and medium -sized dogs are more sticky, and their personal activity time becomes very little.
    Integrate, this is a painful and happy thing. Once you adapt to the rhythm of the dog raising, the happiness will be strong.
    3, properly breeding, avoid dogs from getting sick
    The normal dogs are rarely sick. If it is not raised properly, there is no timely deworming, and the dog is easy to get sick.
    This is very expensive to get sick. Pet hospitals can't afford it. Try not to let the dog get sick.
    . I have raised dogs for 5 years. The dog has not been sick at present, and summarizes the following breeding experience.
    3.1, dog food is the main, supplement fruits, vegetables, and bones. Do not eat others.
    3.2. Regular vaccines, repeated insects within and outside the month.
    3.3, take a bath every day, usually keep the dog dry skin to avoid skin diseases.
    3.3, dogs supplemented by dogs, vitamins, seaweed powder, trace elements, etc. before the age of 1, dogs will be healthier.
    As long as it is fed, healthy dogs will not get sick.
    4. Give the dog a comfortable rest space
    This should not worry about buying dog cages, dog pads, and clothing, etc. At first, these are easy to change and waste money for novices.
    It the cheapest can be used. When the one -year -old body is fixed, you can replace it with your favorite use. The principle is to spend less.
    5. Train dogs from a young age, develop good habits
    The subjects that must be trained include: fixed -point, barking, schedule, refusal, explosion, accompanying.
    It other favorite interactive training, according to personal preferences.
    6, walking out of the dog, making a quality shoveling officer
    Thisho is illegal to not hold the rope. Try to stay away from the children and the elderly to avoid contradictions. Remember to pick up the stool.
    The items that need attention in cities with a total of 6 items.
    Dogs are the most loyal friends and the best companions. Before raising dogs, we must fully consider it and do not abandon it after raising it.
    For dogs, it is just part of your life, but you are its whole world.
    I was silent in Wang Xingren, with two dogs, who is good at interpreting dog behavior.
    The love of pets, paying attention to me, communicating with pets, and happy to help you solve doubts.

  2. The city is suitable for raising small dogs. First, do not raise large dogs. The second is to go out to walk the dog. The third goes out to walk the dog to bring the dog rope. The fourth must be vaccinated by the dog. Fifth, do not let the dog bite.

  3. The city is suitable for raising Hust, because Husky is very good, and will not run around everywhere. What is needed is: go out to bolt ropes, regularly give dogs vaccine, get dog cards, buy dog ​​food for dogs, and take a regular bath.

  4. The city is suitable for Shiba Inu, Golden Retriever, Labrado, VIPs, Teddy, Bomei; when raising dogs, you must flatten your own mentality, prepare sufficient dog food, take a bath once every 10 to 15 days, and regularly give the dogs for dogs. Dogs do physical examination.

  5. There are certain rules for urban dogs, and what dogs can be selected according to their preferences. But pay attention to raising dogs in civilization, you must tie the dog rope when you go out and walk.

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