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  1. Generally, the wandering dogs will be very vigilant. You can step by step by feeding, companionship and other methods. First, build a sense of trust and let it accept you. Then take the dog to the pet shop to take a bath to do infectious disease screening to see if there are infectious diseases, do a good job of deworming internal and in vitro, and giving a dog vaccine on time to ensure the health of the dog. Finally master some techniques and methods of raising dogs, feeding dogs and walking dogs on time. If a stray dog ​​needs to be nourished, it is possible to follow the doctor's advice.

  2. To adopt a obedient stray dog, please pay attention to the following 7 matters.

    1. I ca n’t take a bath when I arrive at home

    The stray dogs who just arrived at home are not recommended to take a bath, because stray dogs are almost malnourished and weak because of long -term wandering. Bathing in this case is easy to get sick. If you want to take a bath for stray dogs, it is best to wait a week to let the dog raise your body.

    2, eat less meals

    The stray dogs will eat mud and grass because they can't find food. This is still ordinary operation. Some stray dogs arrived at the hospital for examination, and there were plastic bags and stone mud in the stomach! It can be seen how serious the stray dog ​​is hungry.

    This dogs that have long -term starvation cannot be overeating, otherwise it is easy to cause sudden death and death. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less meals and feed dogs several times.

    3. Choose physical examination

    The stray dogs are mostly sick dogs and weak dogs. As long as the dogs are wandering for a long time, they will suffer from various diseases due to lack of food and asylum places. It is recommended that the owner has the conditions. After a few days of adoption, take a dog to the pet hospital for individual examination to facilitate the right medicine and let the dog recover your health as soon as possible!

    4. Do a good job of deworming

    This to help the dog carry out insect deworming in the body and outside the body in time to kill the parasites outside the body of the dog. This will help dogs to recover healthy faster and reduce hidden dangers of dog life and health.

    5, timely vaccination

    Itic dogs and weak physique dogs cannot be vaccinated. After the stray dog's body recovers health, bring it as soon as possible To get vaccines to pet hospitals, it is a safety guarantee for human dogs.

    6, supplementing trace elements

    The stray dogs because of long -term wandering, food is not guaranteed, and many of them are malnourished and thin. After adopting stray dogs, in addition to eating some nutritious foods for dogs, you also need to eat some trace element films for dogs to improve the long -term lack of trace elements in stray dogs.

    The "small problems" on stray dogs, such as dysplasia, rough hair, skin diseases, etc., are caused by lack of trace elements. Therefore, it is necessary to give stray dogs to replenish trace elements in time.

  3. Many stray dogs are afraid of people. At the beginning, they were very afraid of people. They often accompanied him and often touched her. After being familiar with it, I was used to it. Capsules. And believe that it is long, you will establish feelings between you, and she will not lose it.

  4. First, take it to the hospital for vaccination, check the skin diseases, and don't pass it to people. The traffic dogs who had just hugged home were timid, but stray dogs were easy to raise, and they had high resistance and clever resistance. Many stray dogs are afraid of people

  5. Many stray dogs are afraid of people. At first, they were very afraid of people. They often accompanied it with it, often stroking her, familiar with it, and slowly got used to it.

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