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  1. Generally, it is 25 yuan/kg, and cities in northeast, northwest, and other cities are based on 30 yuan/kg. Because the price of airlines often changes, the specific price can be consulting the airlines or railway stations to consult with animal consignment.
    This non -randomly consumed consumption standards for pet random methods. The charging is calculated according to the route distance. Pets are about 350 yuan for a flight time below 5kg, about 3 hours of flight time, about 400 yuan, flight time of about 4 hours, About 450 yuan, about 500 yuan for about 5 hours. The cost of buying pet air box: starting from 350 yuan below 5kg of pets, but the minimum charging standards of different airlines in different cities are also different. Verify.

  2. 1. Pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan/kg, northeast, northwest and other cities are based on 30 yuan/kg. Because the price of airlines often changes, please call the local branch for the specific price;
    2, certificate agency fee: Air transport agency inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection certificate total 100 yuan, such as train consignment requests to apply for land, quarantine certificate, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection A total of 150 yuan;
    3, pick -up fee: charge according to the district far and near, please consult the local branch;
    4, buy pet air box costs: pets from 5kg of pets from 350 yuan, but different cities and different airlines The company's minimum charging standards are also different. For example, Hangzhou's lowest consumption is 750 yuan, and the minimum consumption of Guiyang is 550 yuan. The specific charging standards are recommended to consult the local branch to verify;
    5, there is no minimum consumption standard for random ways. Calculated, the pets with a pet with 5kgc are about 350 yuan for about 2 hours, about 400 yuan for about 3 hours, about 450 yuan for flight time, about 500 yuan at about 5 hours of flight time; the above price is for reference only for reference , Without the cost of cage and on -site pick -up.
    This are what I found on Baidu.

  3. Pet dogs currently consignment has two ways: trains and aircraft. The specific price can consult the sector of the airline or the railway station responsible for animal consignment. There are also pet hospitals in some cities with related help. If a certain agency fee is charged, they will help you check the quarantine and consignment procedures before shipping.
    The consignment price is generally 200-500, but the dogs are different in size and different weight, so there will be some differences in the actual charging process. In addition, although the train consignment is similar to the aircraft, there may be some differences in price.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I am helping you inquire about the relevant information, please wait a while and reply to you immediately!nDear, hello, if it is a dog, it is generally weighed. The consignment cost is full -price ticket*1.5%*(the total weight of the pet cage). The total weight is 18 pounds. The full price of the ticket from Beijing to Kunming is 1820 yuan. The consignment price is 18*1.5%*1820, which is equal to 491.4 yuan. In addition to the quarantine fee of about 140 yuan, the total price is 631.4 yuan This does not include the purchase of cages for reference only! wish you a happy life!

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 12306 Pet consignment fee of about 200 yuann① The "Animal Health Immune Certificate" pets were prescribed by the hospital after the animal hospitals authorized by the local animal health supervision institute. (Suggestion: 10 days ≤ the vaccine time u003C1 year)n② The pet owner of the "Alignation of Animal Quarantine" carries pets and "Animal Health Immune Certificate" within the validity period, and go to animal hospitals with quarantine qualifications. (It is recommended to consult whether the local animal health supervision institute is necessary.) Then bring the immune certificate, pet, "Animal Health Immune Certificate" during the validity period, proof of residence (real estate certificate, ID card, rental contract, residence permit, etc. 1), drive to the local animal hygiene supervision office.n③ "Disinfection Certificate" is issued by local animal health supervision.nMore 2nBleak

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