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  1. Pet checked is divided into two ways: train and aircraft. Generally, the cost of consignment of trains is cheaper than the aircraft. The price of the two is about 200 to 600 yuan. Different, these will affect the checked price. How much does the specific pet consignment cost? The following is a detailed introduction.
    1, pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan/kg, cities such as northeast, northwest, etc. are based on 30 yuan/kg. Because the price of airlines often changes, please call the local branch for the specific price;
    2, certificate agency fee: air transport agency inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection certificate total 100 yuan, such as train consignment request fee: air transportation and quarantine certificate, quarantine and quarantine certificate, A total of 100 yuan for the disinfection certificate, such as the train consignment requires a total of 150 yuan

  2. First of all, you need to know how big your dogs (weight), and the price is different. The following is recommended
    The transportation through aviation, railway, and passenger cars is very convenient and the cost is not high.
    The only three types of dog transportation:
    Is, aviation transportation: If the owners have flights, air transportation is the fastest, but the cost is high, and it also needs to go to the "Animal Husbandry Bureau" at the place where the airport is located. On the "quarantine certificate", there is no "quarantine certificate", the airport refuses to transport; Animal costs are slightly lower than air transport, and they also need to issue a "quarantine certificate". Where to go? The owner must go with the same train, otherwise the "China Railway Express" will not be transported;
    It, the passenger car transportation: the owner can go to the owner's local "passenger terminal" to find the one who reaches the destination to the destination Tour the "bus" and discuss with the driver. The driver usually tells the owner that where to wait for the car, and then the owner uses a cage to install the puppy, write a piece of paper with the name and phone number of the dog, etc. The car came, and even the dogs and paper were handed over to the driver. The freight was best to tell the driver to "pay", that is, the dog's freight to the driver, so that the driver would carefully take care of the puppy during the road. (Although the passenger transport is not as fast as air, it is much faster than the railway, and there is no need to go through many tedious procedures, the cost is the lowest).
    At present, only the above three transportation methods can transport puppies and can be selected according to the actual situation.
    Igly, if you have time, you still send it yourself. The dogs are with you on the way. The dog will not have a sense of fear on the road. The disadvantage is that it is convenient for people. The dog can make it. It is still a few days in the closed space (cage). People will not be willing to make their dogs make

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