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  1. Answer pet consignment is generally divided into two ways: train and aircraft, and the cost of trains consignment is cheaper than the aircraft. The basic price of the two is between 200 and 500 yuan, but your pets must be at least a week in advance a week in advance. Time to take a rabies vaccine to the hospital and receive a pet health immune certificate at the same time. In addition, you need to bring the pet air box together to disinfect the corresponding equipment and issue a mechanical disinfection certificate. Pet checked is divided into aircraft and train. Generally, aircraft consignment costs are 25-30 yuan per kilogram. Among them, it will also change due to factors such as airlines and geographical location, which is not very fixed. Generally speaking, if pets weigh within 5 kg, then most of them will cost about 350 yuan. In addition, the certificate application also requires a certain fee. The disinfection certificate and quarantine certificate are generally 100 yuan. A total of 150 yuan. Ask the high -speed rail to handle pet consignment how much money requires those processes. Answer 12306 Pet consignment costs are generally as follows: 1. Vaccine fees: 20 ~ 50 (charged for health prevention stations). 2. Consignment fee: The total weight of pets and cages, generally 0.5 to 2 yuan per kilogram, which is related to the number of kilometers and types of items. 3. Insurance fee (optional): 0.5%of the "declaration price" receivable fee. 4. Storage fee: It is not notified after the luggage consignment arrives. After getting off the car, you should take the initiative to inquire about the inside of the station. From transportation to the day, freely keep it for 3 days, and the free storage for 10 days overdue. After exceeding the free storage period, it will be charged about 10 yuan per night. 5. Packaging fee: 3 yuan for small pieces, 5 yuan for medium parts, 7 yuan in large pieces, at least 3 bands per piece, exceeding the specified number, each additional band is added 1 yuan. 6. Funding fee (optional): Small parts 3 yuan per day, 4 yuan per day, 6 yuan per day. More 3 条

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