My dog ​​is too thin, so how can I feed fat?

My dog ​​is too thin, so how can I feed fat? I want it to be fatter, this looks healthier and cute

3 thoughts on “My dog ​​is too thin, so how can I feed fat?”

  1. If you want dogs to gain weight, you can prepare more foods appropriately when feeding. Let the dogs be full of heat and fat, and the dogs will naturally gain weight.
    1. Nutrition cream is undoubtedly the best food. Among them, nutrition is rich and uniform, and it is easy to gain weight when feeding dogs. Every time you feed dog food for dogs, add some meat food and Mengwei nutrition cream to eat it.
    2. However, let the dog gain weight also have a scale, and maintain the body weight of the dog within the standard range. Remember, the dog is too thin to the body, but if it is too fat, it is not good for the body.
    3. In the process of finding a way to get fat for the dog, we must also pay attention to guiding the dog to exercise. Convert the heat and fat accumulated in the body into energy. Through exercise, the body becomes stronger and the limbs become thicker. Only such a dog is fat is meaningful, and it is better and healthier for the body.

  2. Each dog has its own food volume, less malnutrition, more injury to the stomach, eat less meals in the control range of the day, let it eat and move, and it will be fat. For animal oils, vegetable oil absorption poorly, if you are strong, you should not throw the leftovers. If you add water to the thick white soup to lick it, if you are feeding dog food, you will slowly increase it. Naturally, if you eat too much, you will be fat.

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