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  1. What to eat for Teddy
    Whether it is because of the movie "Teddy Bear" or as a common pet dog, Teddy is the name that everyone is very familiar with. Many novice owners do not know the dietary needs of Teddy, and they are unclear what the dog should eat if I want to get Teddy to gain weight. Don't worry, the following is the relevant information I collected.
    What to eat for teddy to get fat 1 teddy what to eat to gain weight
    1. It is best to choose a brand of low -salt dog food for dog food for Teddy Di feeds the cooked egg yolk and bone soup two or three times a week. In addition to these, you can also eat fish, shrimp skin or tofu, soy milk soy products for food supplement
    . There are also some melons for Teddy to prepare some melons for Teddy Fruit and vegetable supplement nutrition.
    4. You can give dogs a high nutrients with high nutrients by increasing the content of food protein and fat.
    5. You can also eat some health foods that promote digestion and increase intestinal motility by increasing the number of times daily feeding.
    6. Regular vaccine and deworming can prevent diseases and eliminate the consumption of animal body nutrients in the body.
    7. After most dogs have sterilized surgery, the weight will increase.
    What to eat for teddy to eat fat 2 to Teddy's staple food. Many people like to buy dog ​​food casually. At this time, you must pay special attention. Dog food is good or bad. of. It is best to choose some brands of dog food as much as possible, because some bulk dog food and mixed garbage soil, dogs will have various adverse reactions after consumption.
    Remember, food should not be too single
    If the pet owner's Teddy is in the development stage, then the pet owner must prepare a variety of foods for Teddy Need nutritional ingredients. In daily life, vegetable mud, or fruits, or meat mud can be made into some sweet and delicious homemade dog food for Teddy to supplement nutrition.
    The pet owner to help the teddy dog ​​gain weight. It is not something that can be done in a day or two. It requires the pet owner to slowly supplement the Teddy dog ​​with nutrition.
    If the pet owner feels that he feeds food, supplement the teddy dog ​​with insufficient nutrition, and you can also eat some nutrition cream for Teddy dogs. There are many nutrition creams in the pet market. It is recommended that pet owners give teddy dogs to choose dog nutrition creams with rich nutrition and comprehensive reputation; fed it every week, or feed Teddy dogs the next day It's okay.
    But it is recommended that you have to supplement Teddy. After all, nutritional products are not very good after all.
    What to eat teddy 3 teddy 3 teddy generally refers to the poodle. Poodle, also known as "lady dog", also known as "rolling dog". In German, Pudel means "water splash" and a animal of Inuya dogs.
    This top of the skull is slightly rounded, the brows are shallow but clear, and the cheeks are flat. The color of the eyes is very dark, the eyes are wide, and the eyes are alarm. The kiss minister was straight and slender, and there was a slight depression under the eyes. The neck is strong, and the neck can raise the head high. The chest expands deep and the ribs are stretched. The heels are short and vertical with the ground.
    This puppies are easy to get sick. Pay special attention to prevention and pay attention to its diet hygiene. Food must be rich in protein, and the meat is not less than 100 grams per day. Before feeding, add equal amount of vegetarian or biscuits to reconcile with water, and should also provide some fresh and clean drinking water.
    In morning and evening, we should comb their hair once each, 5 minutes each time combed
    Im combrit should pay attention to the order: start from the neck, from the front to the back, from top to bottom The ministry, then the back, chest, waist, abdomen, posterior body, and comb the head, and finally have the limbs and tails. During the combing process, the side should be combed and the other side should be combed.
    The method of combing hair: Comb hair should be quickly combed in the direction of smooth hair. When many people are combed with hair dogs, they only comb the long hair on the surface and ignore the fine hair combing below. The bottom of the dog is soft and dense. If it is not combed for a long time, it will form tangling, and even cause eczema, psoriasis or other skin diseases. Therefore, when combing the long -haired dog, we should comb in layer by layer, but also turn the long hair, and then sort out the bottom hair.
    The type of comb: brush, elastic steel wire brush and long and sparse metal comb. The brush can only make the end of the long hair fluffy, but the fine fur cannot be combed. When combing long hair dogs, brush, elastic steel wire brush and long and sparse metal comb should be used.

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