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  1. If you want dogs to gain weight, you can prepare more foods appropriately when feeding. Let the dogs be full of heat and fat, and the dogs will naturally gain weight.
    1. Dog food is undoubtedly the best food. Dog food is rich and uniform, and it is easy to gain weight when feeding dogs.
    2. It is worth noting that to make the dog gain weight, you must have a scale to maintain the body weight of the dog within the standard range. Remember, the dog is too thin to the body, but if it is too fat, it is not good for the body.
    3. In the process of finding a way to get fat for the dog, we must also pay attention to guiding the dog to exercise. Convert the heat and fat accumulated in the body into energy. Through exercise, the body becomes stronger and the limbs become thicker. Only such a dog is fat is meaningful, and it is better and healthier for the body.

  2. Since it is very good, but it is very thin, it may be because there are bugs in the dog's belly
    because it is still a puppy in 2 months, so there is a parasite in the belly. Eat it in the outside, or the
    of the mother's body is not easy to raise, and the belly will be worse, and the puppy will be more troublesome if diarrhea
    , so it is best to be the best Go to buy insect repellent for him for a period of time, of course not to say that the puppy wants to repel deworming, the dog must be deworming regularly, otherwise it will affect the health and affect
    . In addition, under normal circumstances, dogs eat rice to compare rice to compare rice comparison It will be fat ~~
    and also, you must not eat or not, because it is a large dog, if you lack exercise when you are young, you will have a lot of diseases when you are old.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~ within about three minutes ~nYou need to replace a dog food with rich nutrition and balance, moderate taste, and guaranteed quality, and occasionally feed the dogs to cook some cooked chicken breasts, beef and other foods. In addition, the owner can also feed dogs with special sheep milk powder, nutritional cream and other health products to help dogs enhance their physique.nWhat should I do if dogs eat dog food or thin?nAnswer whether the dog is deworming in timenThere are many parasites in the dog's body. If the insecticidal is not fascinated from time to time, they will absorb the nutrition of the dog's foodnQuestions and insect repellentnIn addition to eating dog food, you can also provide dogs with milk powder, vitamin nutrition cream to supplement nutrition from time to time to make some cooked fish and minced white rice porridge.n5 morenBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer your own dog food dogs in addition to feeding dog food, and occasionally can improve food. If possible, you can buy some beef or chicken, chopped, add some corn noodles, carrots, celery and other vegetables, groups and other vegetables, groups, groups, groups, groups, group Become a meat cake, steamed it to the dogs to eat. This can not only enrich the three meals of dogs, but also meet the needs of nutrition. The most important thing is that they love to eat.nEating eggs and eggs is a food with high nutritional value. It is usually good for dogs to eat. The owner can add egg yolks twice to dog food a week, crush and mix together, increase nutrition, and be beautiful.nFruit and vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, apples, and pears are suitable for dogs.nIn addition, dogs have many benefits to drink goat milk powder, which can strengthen bones, improve immunity, and improve intelligence.nAsk how to do it like these fruits and vegetablesnAnswer Hello, this kind of fruit can be eaten directly to the dogs.nAsk my dogs who don't like dog foodnWhen answering bananas, remember to remove the banana peel, it is best to cut it, mash them and add them to the dog's food. If the portion is measured, a medium -sized dog cannot eat more than half a timenDon't like dog food, you can put the snacks it loves in dog food. Guide it appropriately to eatnYou can add the cooked carrots to the dog's food to let it eatnMore 8nBleak

  5. There are a lot of things to be investigated!
    The inheritance (Have you ever seen the puppy's parents?)
    Indented intake (Is it born with a full day of pregnancy! Is it enough for breastfeeding after breastfeeding?)
    The disease n? (Various diseases include parasites)
    The digestive system is normal (whether the nutritional ingredients have been ingested to the greatest extent?-
    (Visual inspection can only look at the quality of the stool)
    The nutritional value of what you feed is sufficient?
    This dog
    (that is, dogs in high -speed growth and development stage) are thin!
    but may not be really thin!
    The ribs of touching the dog with your hands! It is just a suitable proportion to the ribs and muscles that can be touched! (If you ca n’t touch it, you will gain weight
    The clear ribs are thin.)
    In problems
    to solve the problem! (You should not be blindly replenished! If the dog's own gastrointestinal intake function is poor
    ! Strong supplement will only be counterproductive ---- conditional to be a blood routine to look at the overall overview of all parties of the body)
    If the dog is a normal proportion
    , you can only investigate the genetic problems! And the problem of congenital intake
    and breastfeeding problems!
    For example
    The visual effects
    Lingti dog
    Such as Samoyed Dog
    This is impossible-. =
    In 2 months of birth
    The milk dog period
    (2 and a half months-3 months) The embarrassing period of about a month
    - "is also called high-speed growth period during this period! Mao looks less
    The proportion of a child will look thinner!
    In 10 months to enter the slow -growing period
    The development of about 1 and a half years (male dogs are sexually mature for about 10 months
    The first estrus of the bitch is deemed to be sexual maturity (usually 6 is 6 -10 months)
    1 The age of half and half the shoulders and high body length and stability n The weight can change!
    The peak period of the whole dog state is 3 years old!
    The performance of the quality of adult dog adults (diet
    education, etc.)

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