1 thought on “What dogs are smart and obedient and easy to raise”

  1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-11-28nWhat kind of dogs are smart and obedient, and they are smarter for raising La Brado, Golden Retriever, Bian Mu, Teddy, etc. Among them, Bian Mu is known as the IQ representative in the dog world, and it is also better to raise. Bianmu is a medium -sized dog. Because it is a shepherd dog, the dog has a large amount of exercise daily. At the same time, it is lively and active. It is more suitable for nourishing pets. Pet owners who like small dogs can consider feeding Teddy dogs. Although Teddy is usually more excited, its personality is good, it is not easy to remove hair, and the IQ is relatively high. You can train him to complete a certain action.

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