5 thoughts on “Where do you think dogs are the best?”

  1. I think the piece of meat on the dog is very delicious, because the dog meat itself is very fragrant. The best is the thigh meat because of the thigh meat, and it is very chewy.

  2. The meat on the legs of dog meat is delicious, which is tender and smooth. The meat on the dog's ribs is also comparable to the meat on the legs. The dog meat is really delicious on the world with wine.

  3. This question is a bit cruel, but if I want to say, I will feel that the meat on the dog's legs will be a bit delicious, because the legs are muscular and chewy.

  4. I think it is the meat on the dog's head. The old man knows this truth. The meat on the dog's head is not bad, but the meat on the dog's legs is not bad, but I suggest not to eat dog meat because dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings.

  5. I really hate this! Dogs are friends of human beings. If you don't like it, please don't hurt! Of course, the meat on the legs is best to taste endless

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