2 thoughts on “What dogs are the smartest and most obedient?”

  1. As follows:
    1, border shepherd
    The people who have raised border shepherds know that it is particularly clever. IQ is equivalent to a 7 -year -old child. Although IQ is high, it is particularly naughty. Often, it is often naughty. Will fight the wisdom with the owner.
    and it will also be destroyed. It also has a special revenge. Don't offend it!
    2, poodle
    The Vongress Pipe is particularly loved by girls. After beauty, the poodle is particularly beautiful, and the body is particularly petite, so many people like to raise, the most important thing is the poodle I know the owner very much.
    Colonal high IQ, the owner's meaning is simply in seconds, and people who have raised know it!
    3, German Shepherd
    Teon Shepherd is an excellent guard dog, and it is a multi -functional dog. It is particularly welcomed by the police team. Third, it is not difficult to train at all.
    icides, the owner only needs to train it to move it, and teach it about ten times to learn!
    4, golden retriever
    The golden retriever dogs are particularly naughty, and the amount of exercise is very large, because it is a smart hound, which needs to be leaked for about 1 to 2 hours a day, otherwise it will specially love to dismantle home.
    The golden hair dog needs to pay more attention to the problem of hair loss. Although it is smart, the amount of hair loss is particularly much!
    5, Doberman
    Dubersso ranks fifth in the dog industry IQ. It is not only a smart dog, but also a well -guarded dog breed. The poodle does not have to worry about being stolen.
    and the domineering appearance, it is enviable to look at it. Many people living in the villa like to raise a few Dobermans for housekeeping!

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