5 thoughts on “What kind of dogs are Corki and what kind of development history is?”

  1. Corgi is a kind of friendly, gentle dog. Corgi is very smart and very sensitive. It is a popular dog that can play happily with the owner. The full name of Corgi is Wales Corgi, which means petite dogs. It has always been pets of the British royal family.
    . The historical data of Corgi Dog shows that the Corgi dog is a dog breed carried by Frander workers in the early 12th century. Because it looks like a fox, some people think that the technology circle is closely related to the appearance of pointed dogs. Others believe that with the development of Welsh Sweden trade, it has passed to Wales's Swedish short -footed dogs and some local dogs, which produces Corgi dogs. Because Corgi has cute short legs and petite figure, it is loved by high -level people. From the 12th century British Charles I to Queen Elizabeth II, Corgi has always been pets of the British royal family.
    . The most famous morphological characteristics of the Corgi dog's morphological features are its short legs. It is a small dog, with a medium size of the ears, upright, with tan eyes, round heads, a tight nose, and a moderate width of the chest. The later muscles are developed and strong. Its hair length is moderate, and the fluff is relatively short. It can resist various environmental conditions. Corgi has a different length of hair. The hair on the neck and chest is relatively long. Corgi's hair is pale yellow, gold, red, yellow -brown and white.
    . Corgi's character in today's society, many people will choose to raise a cute Cocy, because it grows very short, although it has a fat figure, but the legs are particularly short and look particularly cute. Essence Corgi has a mild personality, more friendly and loyal, and sometimes bolder, so many people like to raise Corki. It is energetic, easier to train, and is very smart, and can quickly adapt to family life. However, Corgi sometimes loves to bark, and it is easy to get cervical disease.
    Were readers, have you raised Corgi? What kind of feelings do you feel? It can be said to listen.

  2. Corgi is a kind of guardian dogs with agile, high vigilance, and very loyal, so they can defend their homes well. Because of her docile personality, lively and cute, it was the darling of the royal family before.

  3. Corgi is very close to others and loves cleanliness, and is smarter, but occasionally a little bit of small sex. In fact, Ke is basically shepherd. In order to facilitate action, there is a general short -tailed Corgi.

  4. Corgi's desire for protection is very fierce, but they are mainly targeted at strangers. Corgi originated in the UK and dates back to the 10th century.

  5. Both of my family are special loved ones ... I don't call it much. This kind of dog is bold and affinity to people. I can see that those who are afraid of raising a fake ... The thief is afraid that you can play with the thief. Go ...

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