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  1. Is the Corgi dog so good? Knowledge that Corgi needs to master
    Were Corki dogs, Corki dogs are so good? The knowledge that Corgi needs to be grasped. Corgi is a pet dog that is currently very popular. Corgi is a small dog. They have short legs and fleshy buttocks. They are particularly cute and attract many people's attention. Let me recommend the Corgi dog for you? The knowledge that Corgi needs to be grasped.

    ? Knowledge that Corgi needs to master 1? Corgi dogs are a dog that loves hair loss. This embarrasss many people. Seeing their own dogs, many people can't cry and laugh. Regarding the evaluation of Corki's hair loss, the dog lovers said, "Even if the hair is dropped twice a year, and it will fall for half a year once!" Carefully reflect on that is not the hair loss throughout the year! Intersection Then we ask our owner to sort them up every day, and the lazy owner cannot support the Corgi dog. There is no need to sort out the hair twice and sort out the pushed hair. In addition, their kernel's nest, who like lying on the cushion, should be taken care of, cleaning and exposure. In this way, they can do a good job in the hygiene at home, and they are also cute.
    This dogs are not easy to train. The owners are all screwing. They teach them to urinate and do n’t listen. If they do n’t teach, they will urinate everywhere. They also have jealousy. They like to play with the owner. When they are scattered, they will make trouble with the owner, hum, and sometimes yell at you. If they are favored, they will keep making trouble and unhappy. It seems that it is a smart and stingy guy who is not very twisted.
    . Corki's congenital factors, their legs are relatively short, and the feeling of fat is cute and cute. In fact, they are prone to lumbar spine and leg diseases, especially when going up and down stairs, although they like Climbing up and down to attract the attention of the owner, but there will be unique lumbar spine damage. You cannot climb the stairs like dogs with long legs. You need to hold them upstairs. Although they are small and medium -sized dogs, they are not small. They can reach more than 22 pounds in adulthood. Some of them are more than thirty pounds. The upper and lower stairs are very stressed to the lumbar spine, so pay attention to.
    Corki dog is also a dog -like dog, and they are also prone to fat. Human three highs will also happen to them. You need to pay attention to diet health. Therefore, you must control your diet, daily fixed and quantitative fixed points, you cannot give them snacks, exercise more daily, and take them to exercise.
    The Corgi dog who just adopted home should pay attention. They are easy to get sick at this time. Just when they arrive in a new environment, it takes some time to adapt. The resistance is relatively weak. It is also easy to infect the "cough", which requires treatment and care. The little Corgi dog who just arrives at home needs to pay attention to the injection of the epidemic needle. If there is no injection, you need to replenish the injection immediately. During this time, you cannot take them to play outside, so as not to infect the disease without the epidemic prevention needle.
    Corki dogs are troubled dogs. They are energetic and like to make trouble. They always like to play at home and play. They are particularly lively and active. Their toys, trash cans are where they like to play best! They are all interested, a little bit of demolition, and we need to educate them attentively. In this way, they can make them sensible, make them make trouble by themselves.
    ? Knowledge that Corgi needs to master 2 Corgi IQ is also very high. You only need to train a few times to know how to do it. But why is such a puppy say difficult to raise? The first thing we want to say is Corgi's bone problem.
    Corki's legs are short, that is, the "peculiar" shape is loved by many people. However, such bones will put a lot of pressure on Corgi's legs. It is particularly important that Corgi is easy to gain weight.
    It will increase the bearing ability of the bones and cause serious diseases. Therefore, you must pay attention when feeding.
    The energy of Corgi dogs is very strong, and a lot of exercise is needed to meet the needs of the body. If you want to raise Corgi, you must first think about whether you have so much time to take care of it.
    This dogs like to drink water. The owner needs to provide clean water for them. Do not use boiled white water. The boiled water or mineral water is a good choice.
    Corki is very smart but difficult to train, because they have "subjective consciousness" and they will have what they want to do, so they are often not controlled by the owner.
    But this does not need to be too worried, because Corgi's witness will slowly learn the instructions of the owner in the exploration, and find a way that both can be accepted. Is it very smart?
    Corki is one of the most popular pet dogs, but we need to understand the habits of this pet before raising any pet. In this way, you can ensure that you can take care of them well. The above is the focus of the Corki dog.

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