What to do if the dog does not call a stranger

I do n’t know why, the dogs I have raised, I do n’t call a stranger, and they are all earth dogs, not pet dogs, what to do, how can she call her?

3 thoughts on “What to do if the dog does not call a stranger”

  1. This is mainly to look at the owner's intention. Part of the soil dogs are not called, and it does not mean that it will not bite or see the door. If you need a dog who loves to call a dog, you should pay attention when choosing. Some varieties see that raw people are very screaming. Of course, if you just want to raise a dog, then choose a puppy. Generally, this aspect is also inherited, and puppies born to parents who love to call. You don't need to train, because this dog can't train this.
    The last love is not good or bad or bad. It only has something to do with the variety and heredity. Don't like to be a good dog.

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