1 thought on “What kind of medicine should be used for flea on the dog?”

  1. 1. Before disinfecting pet fleas, you should first use laundry powder or soapy water, invade for two hours, knock on the bedding, clean up the room debris, clean up and kill. kill.
    2, flea likes to hide in the bedboard, wardrobe, corner gap, folds, and destroying flea. Do a good job of hygiene, extinguish the rat, keep the ground and the corners of the corner, remove the dust, and make the flea have no place to hide and reproduce. Began to destroy the flea, bring glove masks, spray Wan Lingku potion, and spray comprehensive spraying. You must know that the flea is hidden in the gap between the edge to survive and reproduce, sprayed towards the walls, pet nests, and ground gaps on the ground. Spray the edge of the gap, carefully eliminate the kill, completely eliminate the killing, turn off the doors and windows for three hours, ventilate, clean the hygiene
    3, spray it on the body by the pets used by pets at home , Regularly take a bath
    4, if you find that there are more fleas at home, there is another reason that the family is too tide. It is necessary to open the windows and ventilate frequently, try to expose as much as possible, and change the position of the furniture, cabinets, etc. at home, so as to ensure that there are no tide dead ends. Pay attention to environmental hygiene after disinfecting. Pets are regularly disinfected and bathing. Do not put clothes casually. It should be neat and neat to avoid fleas in this secondary production.

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