5 thoughts on “What should I do if there are fleas on the dog? What deworming medicine is used?”

  1. If a dog is infected with fleas, it is necessary to repellent. Flea is still a very common dog parasitic, so the deworming medicine spectrum on the market basically contains it, but the effect of different medicines is different.

  2. Should be deworm immediately.
    The flea may carry other parasites eggs, so pesticides should be performed at the same time in the body and in vitro. Flea is a common human and animal parasites. When fleas were found on dogs, they were also found in the environment and needed disinfection. If the dog has fleas, it will itch, and it is often itchy. The owner can observe whether the dog has been ruled. If it is, give the dog Elizabeth circle. The scope of dogs should be limited to prevent wider communication. For dogs, preventing parasites is more important than treatment, and the owner should regularly remove the dog with insects.
    In fact, the dog owner knows. Dogs are flea because they are raised in inappropriate environments, and they are not caused by except in vitro. After the dog is infected with fleas, the fur will have small black spots, that is, flea eggs. Adult fleas are eaten with blood, which can cause allergic reactions, bite the skin and non -specific dermatitis. Dog severe infection can cause dog anemia.

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