1 thought on “Which variety of pet dogs is best?”

  1. Recommend you several dogs 1. Chow Chow: It belongs to large dogs, which looks very thick. The tongue is blue and black. My home is a white chopstick, the tail is particularly beautiful, like a brushed hair. Walking up, super cute. 2. Samoyed: It belongs to large dogs. Generally, the hair color is white, very lively and well -behaved. 3. Bear: belong to small dogs. The long is a bit like a cute toy bear. Mao is rolled, very cute. 4. Golden Mao: It belongs to large dogs. Although it looks stupid, it is also a super lively variety. 5. Bomei: It belongs to small dogs. I love to call. Long elephant fox. 6. Chihuahua: It belongs to a mini dog. Remember not to hit its head. Very lively.

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