5 thoughts on “There are fleas on the dog at home. What kind of medicine should be used to kill insects?”

  1. Recently, friends in the group are discussing, what kind of deworming medicine should be used on dogs? Netizens have supported them, and some of them mentioned whether they could directly spray the dog's pesticides to the dogs. As a result, it was "besieged" by other netizens. In order to be harmonious, as a popular popularity, Xiao Mengjun told everyone that this is not desirable. Human medicine and animals are not universally used. Therefore, it is recommended that you use veterinary drugs with veterinary drugs.
    The dogs on the market are also many. From domestic to foreign countries, the price is different. Once there are more products, the owners don't know what to choose. In fact, just like dog food, Xiao Mengjun thinks that the application of the medicine for dogs is also different. In fact, as long as it is suitable for the dog, it is OK, and then choose according to his own budget. Here, Xiao Mengjun told you first talk about several types of flea removal medicines on the market. (Well, because I found out that Master did not know where this bug had caused this bug, so I studied it.)

    The drugs on the market are two types of medicine. One is external medicine. One is taking medicine. The principle of deworming for external drugs is that through the drug spraying or dripping on the dog's skin, as the sebum spreads to the body surface, and stored in the sebaceous glands, the pharmaceutical agent continues to secrete the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. If you like to take medicine, it is relatively simple to use. It directly acts on the surface of the body. It drips on the scapula or spray it on the fur. After rubbing until the drug is absorbed, it can be effective. The effect of external use insect repellent is relatively fast. Generally, it can be effective in about 6 hours. At the same time, if it is a spray, the capacity is relatively large. According to the frequency of use, the cost performance of external spray will be higher. However, because the effect is outside, the dog is a little guy who likes to lick everywhere, so you must wear an Elizabeth circle after spraying to prevent it from licking the medicine by mistake; Acting on the body table, bathing may affect the effectiveness of the medicine, so for dogs who often take baths, each medication needs to be taken as planned and cannot be used at any time.
    orally killing flea medicine is not affected by bathing. If it is prevention, take it on time. If you find insects, you can take it immediately. Entering the blood, as long as the flea sucks the blood, it will definitely be recruited, and the effect is still very guaranteed. Of course, it is also because it takes a while to enter the blood, so the efficiency of oral medication will be a little slower than that of topical medicine, generally about 24 hours. And some dogs do not like medicine, dogs are fine, many manufacturers also start their brains, make the pills into beef flavor, "induced" dogs think they are eating snacks.

  2. There are fleas on the dogs. We can buy some special pet pesticides for treatment, or take them to pet hospital for medicinal baths, which can also achieve the purpose of insecticidal killing.

  3. Buy a red medicine soap (sulfur soap), use boiling water in the pot to dissolve one -third of it, put the dog in the cold water, soak the whole body about 10-15 cents, then rinse it with water, wait for the dog to wait for the dog After the whole body was dry, the dead fleas fell naturally.

  4. Is there fleas on the dog? Teach you a self -made pesticide to keep your dog away from itching, simple and effective!

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