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  1. If a flea appears on the dog, it means that the dog is deworming to the dog. In addition, you can also comb the dog's hair and bath, and wash out a part of the flea. So what should I do to destroy the fleas of the dog?
    How how to destroy the dog's flea to get the medicine 1. Take a shower with fleapaspy medicine soap. If the dog has fleas, the pet owner can buy some flea -extinguishing medicine soap to take a bath for the dog. The pet owner can wipe the medicine soap on the dog first, and then wipe the foam to allow the foam to stay on the dog for a few minutes. This can effectively eliminate flea and eggs and finally wash it.
    . Spray mosquito repellent water 3. Citrus peel selects fresh citrus peel, chopped, wraps with gauze, squeeze juice from orange peel, dilute with 500 grams of water, spray it on the dog after cooling, or use it with it, or use it with it. After the towel wraps it on the dog for two hours, all fleas will die.
    . Apple cider vinegar you can add apple cider vinegar to dog food or water bowl. The digestion of vinegar will change the balance of the skin and keep your dog away from flea.
    If you don't want to add vinegar to the dog's diet, you can apply it to the dog's skin and hair. Dilute the white vinegar with a dog's shampoo, completely wipe it, then let the vinegar pass through the fur layer, and then rinse it thoroughly.
    5. Chinese herbal medicine leaves and cedar, laurel trees and mint leaves can be placed on pet dog nest or sleeping pads, which can effectively remove fleas and can be purchased in pharmacies.
    How long time of dog flea can be destroyed by the dog's flea, it is not easy to destroy all. Sometimes although some fleas on the dogs are removed, some small worm eggs are not seen, so it is not seen, so It will be hidden in the living environment of the dog hair or the dog's living environment. If you have no fleas on the dog, you need to regularly use the dog to repel the dog, especially the dogs who often go outside to play. And to comb the dog with hair, you must clean the dog's toys, bedding and so on when you find that the fleas are long.

    What to see if the dog is flea. 1: Wet paper towel test is generally speaking, as long as the black granular object is found on the dog. At this time, the pet owner can deworm itself or bring them to the pet hospital for deworming.
    This black particles are placed on a white paper towel, adding a little water, and pressed by hand. If it is red or dark red, it is an excreta of the flea.
    Method 2: Use flea combs to comb from head to tail along the hair comb. At this time, some fleas will fall along the comb. At this time, we must not crush or compress the flea directly, because if this is done, the flea's eggs will suddenly pop up, and it will be eaten by the dog again in the environment. The correct method should be Put it in pesticide water to kill it.
    Method 3: Remove your hair and observe that when the dog often scratches on the body, you can wait for the dog to calm down and stroke and pull the dog's hair. This is also a method. You will see that the dog's skin is bitten by flea. If you find the feces of the flea, it is recommended to take a bath regularly, and then remove the dog mosquito after cleaning.
    Method 4: During the human body, if fleas are found in the process of raising dogs, if itching and red dots are bitten, it is likely to be bitten by flea. At this point, you must change your clothes in time and immerse your clothes into the water. It is recommended to keep the kernel nest and place where it can remove and clean it. Try to clean them with related disinfectants and expose them to the sun. For the ground, you must wipe the ground with disinfectant water.
    Method 5: Bathing the dog to let the dog take it into the water while taking a bath. If the dog has fleas, you will see the feces of flea floating on the water, and the drowned fleas will float. If the dog has fleas, the owner should help the dog dewhe in time, otherwise it will hurt the human body.

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